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no sleep over

Well, again there’s been a diary entry shortage recently. Uni work has stepped up a gear on the lessons i’ve had that haven’t been missed due to our lecturers inability to inform students of timetable changes. I now have to recreate the battle of Trafalgar in 3D, making the sea, landscape, ships, people, cannon, rigging and all sorts. Then make a 30-60 second animation of it. That’s one of my assignments, another is to create an edu-game for use in schools, where the student sets out an athlete’s diet and exercise regiem before entering them in a race. We have to make it all as a simulation of what would really happen, complete with a Flash animation at the end showing the race itself. We also have to recreate a book called ‘The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook’ as a web page and create some print advertising for it too. And there’s a 2500 word essay about Contemporary Issues. So yeah, I’m busy!
Last saturday saw Jo, Emma, Daws and myself sleeping over at Emma’s new house. Mike unfortunately couldn’t make it because he needed to be at work the next morning. It was quite a good night apart from the fact that we didn’t set out to the house until ten to midnight. So much for Emma finishing work early. Stupid landlord/landlady. We got there and were already pretty tired (not to mention hungry), so we didn’t do much apart from watch Dumb and Dumber and eat. I had fun anyway, and had no trouble sleeping, whereas Daws (superstitious as he is) didn’t get any sleep at all. We were woken at 9:30 by some workers taking a look at the boiler, which meant Emma diving out of bed/off the sofa to answer the door while we all mumbled and generally flopped about trying to wake up. 9:45 Emma’s parents arrived and we all got up and packed up
Breakfast was toast, a slice of which was later given to the swans by the lake.
Monday was the Ship quiz, where again we came last thanks to some obscure music from the 50’s questions.
Finally tonight saw Matt, Kath, Mike G, John and Carm go to Ashborne at 10:30 for a drink, too late by a mile really, but we went anyway. We came back shortly after and had an amusing time listening to Carmel air her views on what she should be doing right that moment. smiley icon: wink

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