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wha? hu? bu- ummmm...

Bare with me here while my addled little brain tries to remember what i’ve done recently. I know there’s something i ment to put in the diary, but what it was i have no idea right now….
Nope, still don’t remember. Last night involved an impromptu drive to the D and the P. Went out for a drive before hand because i felt like i wanted to get out of the house. Picked up Mike who was frankly half dead. Oh, hang on…that can not have been last night because last night Jo was at the pub. What the?! Which reminds me of what i was updating the diary for!…THURSDAY was the pub quiz! As in the D&P pub quiz! OK - i’m getting somewhere!
start again…Hi! Well, this thursday was the D&P pub quiz, Jo was back from uni and we all went to the quiz. Emma managed to forget to pick up Dawson, so me and Ben held a spot in the overcrowded quiz room while Becky and her mates giggled away in the corner and formed their own team. smiley icon: joke
It was quite a decent quiz, and easier than the Ship one too, we managed to come about third from last (beating Becky’s team by about 10pts, which isn’t a lot). I have no idea what happened after the quiz.
Today i went in to uni where for once we have a tutor who is actually organised. I am so looking forward to this new assignment, not least because we will actually know exactly what we are meant to be doing right from the start! A novelty for Staffs Uni smiley icon: frown
I’ve done not an awful lot else today. Continued a bit of uni work (identify a parcel bomb - a Flash based project) and that is pretty much it. My net connection has been abysmal for over 24hrs now, thanks to the extreme noise on my phone line. Thanks again British Telecom for your wonderful efforts. You’ve denied us broadband, you’ve slashes the hours we can spend online from 450 per month to 150 per month without cutting any prices, and you’ve provided me with a phone line incapable of carrying a stable connection at anything over 14Kbps.
I hate BT. Tomorrow we should be heading off for a night over at Emma’s new house…which will be a welcome break. And a chance to scare Dawson silly! *grin*

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