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playing in da snow

Today was my first proper day back at uni, having had no car for most of last week. I picked Mike G up about 12 if memory serves so we could go to Overclockers.co.uk and pick up a new HDD for him. Turned out they didn’t have the 80Gb one in so he got a 120Gb one instead, which was cool. Shortly after, having dropped Mike off at the uni car park i went into uni. Which was utter rubbish. I turned up to be told that some tutor has lost one of my assignments (which was in fact a presentation to the entire class, in which i went first, plus the script, which i handed in after i’d done). Not the first time a tutor has lost one of my assignments. Great start. Then i wandered over to my class where we were learning ColdFusion. Only to discover our class had been put back an hour because the lecturer was teaching a group that hadn’t bothered turning up last week when they should have done. So i went to the Leek Road Venue (student union) and cought up with things with some uni mates. 3pm arrived and we stood outside our class for an EXTRA 30min. We eventually got in, whereupon we did -nothing- I got a database set up because i missed it last week. It took about 1min, then we sat doing nothing. GRR!! smiley icon: frown smiley icon: frown
Anyway, after Uni it was the quiz, and while i’d had my tea it had started to snow! smiley icon: smile Getting in the car to pick up Mike i was the first person to marr the virgin snow with my tyres! hehe! It took aaages to get there and back as the roads were thick with snow and i was able to wheel-spin at will, in any gear. Driving in snow is fun, as long as you’re not stupid with it. Meanwhile Emma and Becky made it to the pub in their grandads brand new Range Rover, and i picked up my digi-cam along with Dawson. Ben was out up Leek tonight, and thus absent from the quiz, while we all stuck with it and lost miserably (and no Barry, you CAN’T defrag a CD - quizmasters! pft!). We were surprised (pleasantly) to see Mike H and Tara turn up late on, after which we all wandered down to Dawsons field to make a big snowman! Yay! smiley icon: smile After a semi-succesfull snowman and much messing about we defrosted by the roaring fire in dawson’s abode, making it home (after dropping Mike G, Tara and Mike H off) about 1:30.

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