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OK - first off, i just wrote the whole diary entry, but forgot to put in a title. So now i’ve lost everything i wrote and have to re-write the lot. [sarcasm]Fun![/sarcasm]
I just have to point out that i am listening to William Orbit: Strange Cargos 3, Track 2: Into The Paradise and it’s BRILLIANT! smiley icon: smile
My mood has also picked up a bit finally. This last week i’ve felt pretty ‘meh’, to the point that Dawson actually noticed. The irregular days, lack of decent sleep, not eating much and sitting at the PC all day do not help. smiley icon: sad On the plus side the slogging away at the PC has resulted in the discussion forums going live yesterday. Buggy they may be, but they work. smiley icon: smile
Anyway, the point is i need to get into a decent routine or i’m going to be feeling meh constantly, which is clearly a bad thing.
Last night my family and I went to my dad’s mates (Uncle George & Aunt Marge) for tea, which was really nice and i finished well before anyone else. Illustrating the point that i am hungry, but never usually bother to eat anything. Which is bad. Anyway, we got home late and i went straight out to pick up Dawson and go the D&P. We got there just as Malcom (the landlord) was locking up, he kindly let us in. Emma seemed in a better mood too, which was good. Becky spent the night throwing things at me, which was harsh! smiley icon: joke Beer mats, glasses, chairs, whole benches even. OK - maybe just the beer mats. And i suppose i was throwing them at her too. :lol We met a nice guy there whos name i’ve forgotten - sorry! There was also some guitar players there, strumming and singing away, which was good. I then got told i’m posh and sarcastic. I am not posh, i’m from Stoke, which is the source of not-posh. I generally use sarcasm for humour. Especially if i’m around people i don’t know, or i’m teasing. As i was both of those things last night the sarcasm levels were high. I can only apologise. Incidentally, Emma you are in no way a minger. *grovels* I’m sowy. And Becky too, you’re really nice in every way. Honest. *note to self - stop being harsh and teasing
Oh - Friday night (i think?) it snowed! So Daws and Mike got in the car and we went for a chill and a drive. Cheadle in the snow at night looks cool.

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