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Well, after last weeks basketball excursion, this week was the turn of badminton to suffer as a sport at the hands of us, the untrained masses.
We got to the leisure centre (now there’s an ironic name for a place) at 9pm, a little late we thought, but they had a court free so we snapped it up like a hungry snappy thing pouncing upon a particularly fine looking bar of chocolate after a week of fasting. Or we just quietly handed our money over and took our place on court. One of the two, or maybe truth lies somewhere in the middle. Who knows? I do, but you don’t. smiley icon: joke
Yes, i’m rambling along uttering inanity after blatant inanity. Why? Because i’ve a load of space to fill up and not a lot to say that’s why!
Anyway, we took our court and put our mark upon it, impressing everyone with our skill and physical exertion. After that Matt explained the rules and we calmly set about trying to get the shuttle over the net without either blasting it out of court or falling way short.
Some time later when a semblance of control was exerted over the madly gyrating cone that was the brunt of our violent attacks we set about playing a game. smiley icon: smile
This was when we learned that Emma in fact has a fine understanding of the game, coupled with surprising power and accuracy in her shots. Always she aimed for your left eye-ball, and always at serious velocity. In this manner many points were scored, as her opposition was beaten back for fear of losing an eye. Or limb. Witness the photo i got of her as she approached at speed with the intent of smacking me one (though she’s got a huge grin on her mush! smiley icon: joke smiley icon: wink ). *runs away*
Erm, yes, anyway…turned out it was a lot of fun, and i reckon i could get into it, so hopefully next week will be more badminton, or maybe squash. I think i may wait till i’m a tad fitter before playing squash though.
After badminton was finished (having got an extra 15min on court due to no one kicking us off) we went to the Draycott Arms for a drink, where we had a nice relax and chat, reguardless of Matt trying to make me spill my Guiness! smiley icon: joke We went home early as Emma was ‘ill’. Pft. Well enough to beat us all at badminton though. smiley icon: wink
Good night! smiley icon: smile

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