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Terrorist attacks in London

What can anyone really say about this? Of course I hope everyone is safe and well, and I’m sorry for those that aren’t - my thoughts are with you. On a wider scale I have the following thoughts to offer:

I’m proud of the reaction of the British public - very little lasting panic and a prevailing sense of practicality and compassion from the people who were there and caught up in it directly.
I’m pleased that the additional training the emergency services put in after the 9/11 attacks has helped cope with this.
I’m glad no one I know has been injured or killed.

I’m not so happy with the media coverage. As I sat listening to the radio at work sensationalisation was already kicking in. I don’t want or need to know if the eye witness was terrified - that’s not a good question, it doesn’t tell me anything and it stirs up hysteria - which is exactly what terrorists would want. I don’t want to hear what sounds like a game of numbers. I don’t need to hear a reporter ask someone if they heard people screaming.
Report the news. Do not sensationalise.

With regard to how this will effect Britain - this is a country the has survived two World Wars in our own back yard. We’re talking about a city that survived the Blitz and who’s resolve did not waver even then. We’re talking about a nation of people who simply refuse to give up. The terrorists have ruined a number of peoples lives - but in the process reviving the British Stiff Upper Lip, strengthening our resolve to carry on as normal, and made us all appreciate what we have a little more.
Britain never has and never will be cowed by acts of violence or terrorism. I think history has put that beyond doubt.


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  1. MWF posted 13hrs, 25min, 22sec after the entry and said:

    Don’t forget the IRA who were the last to bomb London.

  2. pogweasel posted 14 days, 22hrs, 59mins after the entry and said:

    Good work. A sensible and reasoned synopsis. Unlike Sky News et al. who reported like a pack of frenzied dogs. Not helpful!

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