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I broke Humpty Dumpty

An update: hayfever still sucks.

In further news I’ve finally broken open my last chocolate Easter Egg. Yes, I’m aware it’s very nearly July. It’s not that I had a huge supply of easter eggs, but that I tend to not eat much in the way of chocolate. I also drink very rarely (I’ll have a Guinness if I go to the pub) and I don’t smoke either. Well, excepting at new year when I had a cigar. I still have a bottle of whiskey from Christmas that’s un-opened, and half a bottle from God Alone Knows When. Even my bottle of Sambucca is only half empty, and that’s one of the finest drinks known to man. smiley icon: yum

This week I finally received my Amazon order, which included a copy of DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript and DOM, which seems like it will be pretty useful. Also in my order are my first two music purchases of 2005. I have absolutely no idea how I’ve managed to go six months without buying any music. At least my choice of first musical purchase of 2005 is a funking excellent one (emphasis on the funk). RJD2: Deadringer opens beautifully and carries on being damn cool throughout. Track three ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is especially sublime. The other album I got I’ve still not had chance to listen to, but The Herbaliser have never let me down so I assume Take London will be ’super good’ or better.

Yes, I’m still holding out on that news I promised you last time.

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