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I hate hay fever. This year I thought I’d escaped it pretty well, with barely a symptom - until Thursday evening, when I spontaneously got a runny nose and fits of sneezing. ‘Uh-oh’, I thought somewhat ominously. Sure enough, Friday morning came and I prised my eyes open only to discover that during the night six of the devil’s most evil helpers had been poking my eyes with needles. Red hot needles. Which had been dipped in curry powder. And were barbed. They were also attached to miniature batteries for that ‘cattle-prod-esque’ effect.
In short, my eyes were itching excruciatingly and my eye-balls were more red than your average freshly cleaned Ferrari. Since then there has been no respite, sneezing fits have doubled and it takes until early afternoon for my eye-drops to start having any comforting effect. Those of you lucky enough not to get hay fever, please take a moment to reflect upon your situation in order to truly appreciate it. You for example are not trapped indoors on glorious sunny days.

What annoys me most about my hay fever is that I never used to get it. As a kid I’d play in the fields by my house all day every day all year round. If I wasn’t playing football or kerby I was in the fields with some mates climbing trees, chasing things or throwing sticks around. At no point did my immune system decide to go berserk on account of being subjected to a little pollen. Quite why it’s now decided pollen deserves a DEFCON 1 style strategy is beyond me. If only there was a way to reason with an immune system…

As a result of the above I’ve been inside most of the weekend, enjoying none of the sun and most definitely not enjoying the 34C heat in the house. I got some more done on the redesign of this site, but frankly I don’t want to look at code in my free time at the moment. Of course now I’ve written the blog the weather has changed drastically. There’s a very very large very very dark cloud above me, it’s incredibly warm, and it feels very much like a thunderstorm is about to break. Sweet! smiley icon: smile (I love thunderstorms).

Also, I have news that I’d love to share with you involving my trip to Wales last Thursday, but right now I’m afraid I can’t mention anything… Oh how cryptic.


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  1. John Oxton posted 1hrs, 44min, 7sec after the entry and said:

    In answer to your question on my blog, I have been hay fever ridden for weeks… hence the strain of looking at the screen ;0

    “Also, I have news that I’d love to share with you involving my trip to Wales last Thursday, but right now I’m afraid I can’t mention anything… Oh how cryptic.”

    Well now… what can I say, except, you’re gonna love it and who knows maybe I’ll see you down there… opps! that gave it away… smiley icon: wink

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 2hrs, 8min, 12sec after the entry and said:

    smiley icon: laugh

    I’m very much looking forward to it, though it’s still only just sinking in. If I see you down there and you’ve managed to stop tinkering with cables under tables or whatever it was you were doing, you can have a pint on me. smiley icon: laugh

  3. John Oxton posted 2hrs, 22min, 5sec after the entry and said:

    “tinkering with cables under tables”

    Nah! I was just hiding, I am naturally sjy person.

    It seems almost certain you’ll see me down there, my folks live 20 minutes from your destination and I will be calling if for a social around August! smiley icon: wink

  4. John Oxton posted 2hrs, 22min, 23sec after the entry and said:

    Ahem” *sjy* I meant shy

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 4hrs, 3min, 2sec after the entry and said:

    hehe, I’m sure I’ll have saved enough pennies -and- located a decent pub by then.

  6. Philroche posted 15hrs, 32min, 40sec after the entry and said:

    Hi Matt,

    Not for hay fever but for general immune system stuff, I swear by echinacea. I’m rarely ill and if I am it’s only for a day or so.

  7. Matt Wilcox posted 15hrs, 58min, 23sec after the entry and said:

    Cheers Phil, I’ll take a look into that. My anti-hayfever tablets are useless and the eye drops are only a step above that.

  8. bootygirl posted 3 days, 1hrs, 50mins after the entry and said:

    Get some of the eye drops me and mum have.

  9. pogweasel posted 6 days, 0hrs, 27mins after the entry and said:

    Maybe you can “catch” hayfever.

    When I was younger I used to get it really bad. Now I don’t get it [hayfever] at all. Odd.

    So maybe it’s like a “lurgy”. Try giving it to someone else [not just hayfever] and see if it goes away…

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