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Well it’s been a while since my last update. Uni is actually getting pretty hectic about now. They’re dishing out assignments at an incredible rate. OK, lets bring you up to speed. Ordered a 64Mb SMcard for my digicam and was sent the wrong thing. So i got on to Amazon customer service feeling pap. May i say, they have the best customer service i have ever seen. My order was dispatched the next day and got to me the day after, after that i sent back the incorrect order and they refunded the deliver charge there and then. Prompt Email responses too.
Monday I finally got my RadeonAIW back, but apparently it’s fine. Slapped it back in my PC and -bang- same errors. Tested it in Ben’s PC and it works fine. Meaning my motherboard is shot. I need a new mobo, processor and RAM if i ever want to run WinXP. Weird thing is all is fine with it in ME…*cue spooky music*
Yesterday i went into one of those dazes after 5hrs straight of basic Flash Action Scripting at uni. So i walked away from Hanley with a shark fin alarm clock and Gods Kitchen:Journeys. The clock is fine, i needed a new one anyway, the CD is great! propper trance! yay! I borrowed The Fast and the Furious on DVD from Lee. It’s pretty good, but nothing special. Meh
Walked out of uni today practically brain dead due to yet more Action Script work. I swear it only takes an hour to learn everything Colin has been through, but no! Two days dammit! Those macs do my mood no favours either. Grr! On the up side the class seems to be getting along better now. Come the summer maybe we’ll all be having a propper laugh! *sigh*
Ahh, roll on Summer, this wind, rain, and constant gloom is going to kill me.
Managed to totally depress myself the other day by going here and here. The first site was so damn accurate it scared me, then depressed me. Bounced back since though! smiley icon: smile
Looks like the work outing tomorrow is off as Golden has closed down. We’ll have to find somewhere next sat instead. smiley icon: sad

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