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Creation again

It’s been a while since the last update. I’ve become an addict to a great forum of artists (750 posts in 40 days…) and uni has eaten large chunks of my time like the disorganised time devouring beast with the claws and the teeth that it is. *sighs* I -really- need to work on the website. *looks at the To Do list* *cries*. On the upside I’m going out tonight with Matt, Mike and some Graham person I don’t really know.
8:05 and I’m in the car and on my way to the Potter to meet up with my three partners in crime for the night. They hadn’t arrived yet as I went in so I sat with Jim (old Leek College classmate) and caught up on events. The bum still hasn’t got a job and still hasn’t learnt to drive! smiley icon: wink You’ll be there soon mate! Mike, on the other hand (starts lecturing to Mike) - you need to get sorted!!! He’s still not handed in his work for the GNVQ course he spent 2 years in, still hasn’t passed (over 6months after the course ended), and still hasn’t applied for his provisional driving licence!! Yes Mike I’m having a go!! *shoo* go do it! Driving and getting qualifications rock! You’ll thank me in the end. smiley icon: wink Anyway, after a little while in the Potter we left for Creation. I was full of anticipation after my last visit (my first time clubbing), and I was -not- disappointed!!
We parked up in the Creation car park and decided to head right in (9:30ish) as entry before 10pm is free. I got ID’d at the door. It’s almost starting to annoy me now, I know I look young, but I’m 21 in March for crying out loud! We got in and were surprised to find it already quite busy, and the first three tracks stood waiting at the bar were classics! ‘Moloko-The time Is Now’ which was the tune that set me on the road to dance conversion. smiley icon: smile
The place was pumping by 11, which was amazing! Had a great time, saw some -fine- women (podium girl 1&2,among others smiley icon: wink ) At about 12 Matt and myself managed to drag the other 2 onto the dance floor, where we all made fools of ourselves in the name of entertainment! As a side note I’ve discovered when I dance some small leprechaun seems to shoot my feet with a nail gun. They never move.
We left 2:20am(ish) tired and chuffed! I got home, ate and then fell unconcious at 3:30am

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