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of pool, bowling, quasar & Gods

Got up awake and alert for a lovely 10am-4pm shift at work. (can you -feel- the sarcasm?! smiley icon: wink ). Of course the first thing people talked about as we got in was last night! It emerges that those of us who went early could have stayed and got the mini-bus taxi back an hour later for a measly £3-4 each. Pft! If I’d have known that… smiley icon: smile
We were all surprisingly sober and awake actually. Work went fairly fast as we all had stuff to talk about and the boss wasn’t hanging about too much. smiley icon: wink (kidding Jane!)
Getting back from work I got a phone call from Matt Ward - was I going out bowling? I’d had no food and I was getting tired by then, but 15min later I made up my mind and drove up to Cheadle to pick him and Mike up before going to Festival Park. It turned out the only slot available was a 9:10 one, so after a bit of deliberation we booked 3 games. We needed to fill a few hours, but we didn’t have time to see LOTR again (dang!). Mike being the perpetual 13year old convinced us to play 2 games of Quasar (2 teams of 10+each defending/attacking a base armed with laser guns and suits). We had to wait 40min for the Quasar tho! So we went into HotShots and played some American Pool. It was the typical ‘winner stays on’ system. I lost the 1st game soundly, won the 2nd by a narrow margin (luck was with me!) & was about to thrash Matt in the 3rd (luck was -very- good!) when we had to run to get to Quasar.
Quasar: there’s a reason why I don’t like it much (apart from the 13yr olds). I’m red/green colour blind, and guess what the team colours are? Oh yeah! I get shot a lot because I have to look real hard at people before I know they’re the enemy. Oh well! smiley icon: smile
Bowling was great, Mike spotting a particularly cute Ally Cat as we walked in smiley icon: smile I am -chuffed- to say I won all 3 games! The 2nd was as close as could be with both Mike and Matt pulling some sweet Strikes and Spares when they needed it (how -lucky- was I being tonight?!). I won the 2nd game by 1 point, but stormed off with the 3rd at 130 points. W00t! Played Airhocky with Matt & won both games 9:8! (obviously this was my night!). I’d like to add that Mike is a -God- on Dance Stage!

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