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first Iceland Under 21 group outing

Well, quite a funky day!
Had a morning of lazing about, found a funky web host for this site in the afternoon and then went to work to do a 5pm-8pm shift. And then…it was off on our Iceland under 21 group clubbing session!
For those of you who don’t know I can not dance. I hated dance music until a year and a half ago, but now love it with a passion. I’ve not been clubbing before. Tonight is a milestone in life. (Yeah 21 almost, but hey - I’m getting there!). Richard&Maria picked me up from home about 9pm, we razzed off to Weatherspoons, passing Andy, James and Tracy just inside Hanley. After a double Baileys the rest of the group arrived (Now compromising of Lee, Charly, Tracy, Richard&Maria, Andy, James, Gemma, and myself)
After a short chat we departed for Creation (we lazy ones took the car rather than walking smiley icon: wink ) £6 entry for those of us without fliers (thanks Tracy!). It was fairly dead at first, but the music was good. Lee flew off from the group immediately as his g/f was already there (disobeying instructions-tut tut!) but re-joined us a few minutes later. Only moments later I nearly fell to my knees and worshipped James! A mere minute after walking in I turn to shout something to him and see he’s made a bee-line for the first blond he saw! Seconds later he’s getting stuck in! My awe with his skills fell somewhat upon learning it was his Ex g/f though. *lol*
Going into the other room reviled treble to shatter your eardrums and 60-70-80’s music. We hung in there a while, lounging on the chairs and bopping to the beat before moving back to the main room - where it had got decidedly better! BANGING dance! Yay!! Tracy dragged me onto the podium and shortly everyone bar Maria Andy and James (lost him for a while) were dancing away on the podium! My arms worked even! *miracle*
Great nite out, if a little early coming back (Maria wanted home at 12:45). We’re making it a monthly thing now! smiley icon: smile

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