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first ever entry!

I hate the sound of my alarm in a morning. I’d just got really comfortable and then *beep beep beep*. Grrr! Anyway, first day back at university. Grabbed breakfast (microwaved cornflakes! Mmm), grabbed Total Euphoria, shoved it in the car stereo and drove off to get my crappy Flash assignment assessed. Got a 2-1 if you’re interested. Yep, that makes no sense to me either. It’s not a first, but it’s not a second. Pft. Anyway, mine was pretty pathetic compared to the Flash geniuses who were showing theres. I hate Flash.
On the way back, an hour later (gotta love MMG!) i bumped into Dan Foulds who was just about to explode with frustration as he talked down his mobile, trying to talk his mother (computer illiterate) through sending his uni work via Email. I shouldn’t laugh, but hey, ya know? smiley icon: wink 10min later the mail got sent. lol!
Having got back home i set about the sad task of packing my shiny new Radeon AIW graphics card back in it’s box in order to go get fixed/replaced. It’s just plain bust. I’m now making do with my -awful- TNT2M64. I tell you (geek talk, be warned) running 1024x768@75hz on a 19″ flat screen monitor is not right. Everything is huge and flickery and blurred. *cries*. It’ll be 4-6 weeks until I get my Radeon back. *cries more*
My sister got back from her driving lesson and proceeded to sit for 15min before getting out. What -do- they talk about?! Maybe the instructers just busy thanking god he’s still alive. smiley icon: wink Apart from messing with the website and chatting on the EK forum that has been my day.
Ben phoned to see if we were going the pub but i’m all broke and i feel pap, so we didn’t. Might be going bowling with Waddy et al on saturday, that’s yet to be arranged though. Cant go friday because the Iceland under 21 crew are going for a late Xmas/New Year party night. Should be fun, as long as Richards driving doesn’t get us killed! (do i trust him in his 2.0L 16valve cavalier?) smiley icon: wink
So in review - nothing interesting all day. *sigh* Oh, I managed to wipe out my student loan by paying mum and dad back for the car insurance. Car tax at the end of the month too. smiley icon: sad fun fun fun!

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