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fire-eaters, friends and Creation..

Matt, Mike and myself decided to go out to Creation tonight though none of us were particularly up for it. Thank god we did decide to go! Matt was down at Mikes house for about 8:10 and i drove up to pick them up and run to the bank (cash shortages again!) Then after a short respite at my house it was straight up to Creation.
As per usual we sat about in the smaller room for a while waiting for the main room to open, Mike picking up the first round of drinks (cheers!). I’d been there all of ten minutes when Charley appeared from nowhere to loom over my shoulder! Looking -particularly- nice if i may say so. Charley, Gemma and Sam (the three witches smiley icon: wink ) were up there as a pre-birthday celebration for Sam. Eventually got to sit by them once some people moved. No sooner had we sat down then they were off on the dancefloor leaving us three lads to look after their stuff! Pft i say! PFT! smiley icon: wink
A while later we finally made it into the main room…we secured seats to look out onto the dancefloor and got another round. Charley dragged me on the dancefloor early on so i could make a fool of myself on a relatively empty space. Nice!
Anyway, this week i managed to move my feet dammit! YAY! Co-ordinating all the limbs at once proved to be my undoing however as each limb ignored the others, doing their own thing!
Some time later Matt and Mike found their way to the upper level to watch me and Charley. Thanks lads! I wasn’t at all self-concious! *glare* Anyway, they made it down and soon we were all dancing like fools! smiley icon: smile
11pm and the beat is pulsating with possibly the best selection of ‘choons’ ever (as the DJ put it). Mike was like a particularly elongated small child full of candy and coke, progressively getting more frantic and bouncy as the beat bore down. The mood was infectious and i soon lost my sense of self-conciousness and let myself freely look an idiot! Matt, as ever, was smoothness personified as he non-chalantly danced away. Fire Eaters, Angle Grinders and Podium Dancers *drool* - all in attendance. We left once R&B hit the speakers.

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