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A big red flag

I do realise that I’ve not put up a blog for my birthday this year. If you’re lucky I might get some photo’s put together soon. Many thanks to those who came along to the pub last Saturday, and to all who wished me a happy birthday. smiley icon: smile
I’ve been at the pub an irregular number of times this week. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today. It’s been years since I was out this often! lol!

On a more sombre note: there are sometimes things that I’d like to talk about in the blog that I really can’t. As much as I’d like to document all the important things that happen to myself or my friends there are some occasions when it would be irresponsible or out of line to do so on a public platform such as this site. There have been things in the past I’ve had to leave unsaid, there will be things in the future and there’s something right now in the present too. I write the blog mostly for my own satisfaction, and so that in the future I can look back on what I was doing, and maybe see when certain things happened. It’s a little frustrating to have to censor yourself for whatever reason. For now all I can say is that on this particular occasion the censored item is work related. Hopefully some-point in the future I’ll be able to clarify what I’m skirting around right now. For the moment this entry is more-or-less a big red flag stuck in the blog saying ‘when appropriate, fill in the blanks!’.
I’m sorry I can’t say more, and I’m sorry if this seems a bit enigmatic.

To be updated… ?


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    *continues to wait*

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