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Playing catch-up

Things that made my day today:
Chatting with people from the 4UM over MSN. smiley icon: smile
The big American muscle that passed me on the M6 on the way home. I hadn’t even realised it was there until there was a low and lazy rumble as some over-sized old car announced it’s intentions by torque-ing it’s way past on the outside lane. I recognise the shape, but have no idea what it was. All I could tell you for sure was that either it was originally white and green but now with age battered paint, or it had a fetching layer of moss over a couple of body-panels. The indicators were right next to the number plate, and the (shiny new) twin exhausts were about two inches outset from the indicators. The top of the boot was at my eye level, the thing was rather large compared to your average Blighty car. It made a beautiful noise, a proper old shed of a muscle car. I may have dropped a gear and coaxed my tired old eco-tech engine somewhere into the 5,000 rpm band to catch up and get a proper earful. Watching it go around the roundabout was a true indication of how ill suited American cars are to British road-design. I think the cabin rolled to a good 30 degrees. *grin*

Mike, Kate and myself were out at Dovedale last Saturday. Unfortunately the weather was misty the entire day, so there aren’t any photo’s. We had a nice (short) walk and a (long) picnic. smiley icon: smile

Friday night Matt, Kath and myself were out at Newcastle. Kath’s uni mates were having a get-together and I was kindly invited along. It was a good evening, though by the end of the night I was pretty bored of clubbing. There wasn’t a single song I didn’t recognise, even though I’ve not been clubbing in at least two years. They seem to have taken any old song, sped it up and thrown an extra beat over it. The Red Hot Chillie Peppers were never meant to be played 1.5 speed with a 4/4 beat dubbed over the top. It’s like someone taking a piece of art you cherish from your youth, then doodling all over it with crayon, so it’s more colourful and thus ‘better’. *shudder*
On the plus side it was all rather amusing, kath’s mates are all decent fun people, and plenty of fun was had until tiredness set in with anyone who wasn’t drunk. I had also forgotten just how appealing girls in mini-skirts can be. Especially when they’re shakin’ it on the dancfloor.
Is 24 too old to start having a mis-spent youth? smiley icon: wink


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  1. James Dodd posted 1 days, 13hrs, 24mins after the entry and said:

    Where abouts in Newcastle did you go?

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 14hrs, 39mins after the entry and said:

    I have no idea mate, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the geography. We wandered around a bit, couple of pubs and a couple of ‘clubs’.

  3. MWF posted 6 days, 14hrs, 51mins after the entry and said:

    Ah so you have realised clubbing is actually s**** then.

  4. Matt Wilcox posted 6 days, 22hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    Welllll… It certainly went that way for me circa 2002. Looks like it’s still that way now.

    oontz-oontz-oontz-oontz *drum fill* *break* oontz-oontz-oontz-oontz


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