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geometric distortion

As I sit writing this entry I’m doing my very best to not hear the ’star wars’ theme, which my little brother is playing on the other PC yet again. He’s 15 this year, hopefully the star wars thing will wear off. In the mean time I’m playing the Guyver mix of Jon The Dentist & Ollie J’s “Feel So Good” to take my mind off it. Damn, I love this tune! smiley icon: yum *grooves*

In other news; I have decided over sleeping is a Bad Thing™. I’ve been pretty lazy and only got up at 11, had breakfast at 12, and I’ve still not woken up properly. Dare I say it, ‘I feel floaty’.
At least my legs have been a lot happier than they were last week. They barely ached at all the day after the work run. This ‘get healthy’ thing seems to be working. I did try switching from coffee to de-caf, which worked great, and then from de-caf to herbal tea. Herbal tea and my very essence of being do not like each other. I did my best to drink it but my stomach laid the law down and the other half of my (expensive) hippy tea got thrown down the sink. I’ve struck a compromise via negotiations with my tongue, and am now consuminga healthy Typhoo Fruit Tea (Blackcurrent in this case), with an unhealthy two teaspoons of sugar. I’m going to try honey instead of sugar, as that’s supposedly better for you, but my experience with honey in early life was not good. Mind over matter Mr Wilcox, mind over matter…

I picked up my lenses yesterday and booked in for another check up next Saturday. They’re not quite right, and when I wear them (particularly in dimly lit places) I do feel a bit like I’m going cross eyed trying to focus on things. It’s really quite odd having ‘real’ peripheral vision again too. With glasses there’s geometric distortion, particularly at the edges of the lenses, and anything outside the lens area is both out of focus and geometrically in the ‘wrong’ places. That’s what I’m used to seeing, but when you whack contact lenses in everything gets corrected. God knows what happens to the geometry, but I’m assuming that’s why I end up feeling a bit cross-eyed. On the other hand I could actually be going slightly cross eyed.


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  1. Matthew J. Ward posted 4hrs, 25min, 57sec after the entry and said:

    Yeah i think the whole get fit thing works really well. Ever since i started at DCC i have tried to play footy with the lads every week. First week my legs really ached as its been years since i played footy, but then since i have been going and doing the odd spot of weights and things, i seem to feel loads better. More energy, less headaches… etc…etc.

    Definatley a good thing.

    Next order of the day … Coffee … it helps when ure tired, but definatley too easy to get attached too. Some of the guys i work with have a cup roughly every half hour from a caftier’e thingy. ‘Proper Coffee’, there a little mad though.

    smiley icon: smile
    smiley icon: smile

  2. MWF posted 21hrs, 45min, 29sec after the entry and said:

    *makes more coffee in protest*

    Jimi are you sure you aren’t going crosseyed because you are now permanently toasted on your hippy tea?

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 0hrs, 32mins after the entry and said:

    It’s a possibility I hadn’t thought of!

    *looks at his mug of tea*

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