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Can we hit 5mph?

Hey hey!
I’m not looking forward to tonight’s run around Penkridge; though on the bright side Carl has decided to join us this week, so I won’t be the only ‘newbie’ suffering. I’ve also uncovered some old track-suit bottoms I can run in, as opposed to my old (far too tight) Versaci’s. Those were definitely the wrong trousers for that final sprint… *wince* Regardless, if you happen to see a small group of guys running around (slowly), and one of them is wearing some bright creme tracky bottoms, blue sports trainers and a blue hat - that’s probably me. Honk encouragement! smiley icon: smile (But please ignor the choice of attire, trust me when I say there was a limited selection of suitable clothing)
I’m secretly hoping to spot the very pretty girl who was walking home as we went past last week. Though I’m unsure whether a bunch of badly dressed, out-of-breath, sweaty, nerdy guys running at you, and one breaking off to talk to you would be entirely without a scary freaky factor.

In other news; I picked up my new contact lenses last Saturday, and am slowly working up to being able to wear them for 8hr stretches. Whilst wearing them my left eye apparently has better than 100% vision, but I’ve decided my right lens isn’t quite what it ought to be. I’ll be mentioning that when I pick up my next pair of lenses, though I’m also quite sure some of the unpleasant effect is due to my left eye now being superior to my right eye. Which is the opposite way to how my eyes are normally, which itself throws things off a bit. On the other hand I wasn’t happy with my glasses when I first got them, but my eyes did adjust to them. I’m hoping the same happens with the contacts. smiley icon: worry

I’ve not been up to much this last week. Work has been busy, Chris is in Bangor, and I’ve been quite content staying in and reading The Golems Eye and taking a break from those NLP books. I did visit The Ship last night with Mike, which was a welcome change, and spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning putting together two sets of drawers for my room. Next Saturday I’m hoping the other half of my wardrobe appears (they forgot to deliver the sides, and doors alone do not a wardrobe make). Other than that my week has been without real incident.

Chris has finally taken the plunge and created his own blog. It is highly likely to be a confusing but entertaining read (I’ve yet to read it all). Check it out!

More in this entry once I’ve dragged my carcass back home after tonight’s run…


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  1. MWF posted 6hrs, 16min, 34sec after the entry and said:

    Jimi I refuse to honk at men running regardless of how much encouragement they need.

    And yes my blog is in anyway confusing at the slightest.

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 6hrs, 37min, 17sec after the entry and said:

    I see what you did there.
    *Jurassic Park style ‘clever girl’*

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