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I hate having bad eye-sight. But more than that I hate having perfect eyesight only for it to be taken away again. I have never seen in such perfect clarity in my life as I have with my left eye this last week. Legolas would get his ass whupped if you follow my meaning. My left eye, with contact lens, is spot on absolute pin-sharp perfect, better than what’s classed as 100% vision. Or it was with the trial pair of lenses. Only the optician decided to change the prescription on the three months supply I bought ’so it’s even better than the trial lenses’. Only it isn’t. It’s worse. Much worse. Remember how I was saying that my right lens wasn’t quite right (off from my prescription by 5 degrees), and it was really bugging me? Well now my left lens is a lot worse than my right one (off by 13 degrees), and my right one is still as bad as it was (because they didn’t change the prescription for the right lens). My left eye is now blurred. Simple, plain, straight up blurred. My right eye… that’s a weird one. It’s not so much blurred as smeared. Anyone who’s worn glasses will know what I mean. Smear one lens and look at things - they’re sharp, but all the contrast and detail has gone, and when you look at bright things against a dark background you get a weird visual echo going on. Well that’s my right eye.
On the plus side, now my right eye is the better one my brain is doing less backflips trying to figure out what in hell is going on. I don’t think it liked my left eye having perfect sight when all it’s life it’s been using the right eye for discerning detail. I’m liking the lack of floaty feeling. I’m disliking that I’ve paid a total of £180 for sight that is worse than when I walked into the optician. Needless to say I shall be giving something of a firm feedback session this coming Saturday, and it better involve me getting the right prescription, new lenses and incurring no additional cost.
I’m not wearing the things until it gets sorted out.

In other less annoying news it’s looking like Friday nights might be swimming night! w00t! Mike seems up for it, but I’ve yet to sound Matt out on the idea. Who knows, maybe we’ll get back to playing squash… smiley icon: wink

I’ve finished both my NLP books now, and was relieved to discover the Anthony Robbins one got less preachy and more useful toward the end. I’m naturally sceptical of preachy stuff. Most preachy stuff has an ulterior motive. Not that this doesn’t (he wants to sell books of course), but there was some useful stuff in there. The trick now is remembering to use any of it in daily life.

With all that being said, I’m going to finish my other book and get out of this freezing cold loft. Night night!


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  1. Matthew J. Ward posted 20hrs, 5min, 3sec after the entry and said:

    Lol smiley icon: smile, im sure that they will sort them out eventually Jimski. Just keep hastling them until they break.

    Swimming would be good, not been for ages. Friday is usually a busy night as we used to have a full family meal every couple of weeks. Now its every month. So things in theory should be a little more free. So yeah we could maybe do squash one week followed by squash the next week. Weow i might actually start getting fit… smiley icon: smile well maybe!!!

  2. Matthew J. Ward posted 20hrs, 5min, 58sec after the entry and said:

    *Lol, obviously i ment swimming in the first instance smiley icon: smile

  3. Matt Wilcox posted 21hrs, 21min, 56sec after the entry and said:

    Excellent. smiley icon: happy

  4. Adam Payne posted 2 days, 15hrs, 12mins after the entry and said:

    hi me owd mucker, well my contacts are 1/4 of a perscription out. from what i was told is they only go up in integers of a 1/2 after 3.5 and im 7.75 but i ave 2 wear 7.5s so my vision is crap but i dont ave to wear glasses

  5. Matt Wilcox posted 2 days, 18hrs, 51mins after the entry and said:

    Hey Ad! I think they have the power of the lenses right, but my eye’s are toric so they have a rotation - which is definately wrong on my new left lens, and I susspect it’s out on my right one too.

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