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Kon-nichiwa Freeman San

Would you believe it’s only six weeks until Christmas? I find that mildly scary. It’s not that it’s crept up on me, so much as it has stalked my ass and is in the process of pouncing upon me with all the glee and enthusiasm of a starving cheetah pouncing upon an unobservant and slightly bewildered gazelle. Admittedly an attractive XHTML proficient gazelle, but definitely a preoccupied and unobservant one. smiley icon: wink
The point is, I need to get some Christmas shopping done, before the shopping centers go mental.

Friday night Chris and myself went to the pub and talked about Half-Life 2, amongst other things. I think we’re agreed that it’s a very very good game. There have been parts where I have been incredulous that you can actually do some of the things you can. The scene where you first meet ‘Dog’ was just insane. In what other game can you find yourself happily playing catch and marveling at it? In other Half-Life 2 news, I’m finding parts of it scarier than Doom 3, which is why today there’s been a blog update and a DevBlog update. No I’m not afraid to go back into the game. *shifty look*

Last night was another night at the pub, so many in such a short time is unusual. I’m not used to it anymore! :lol Pies and Gemma were there too, as was Dawson - who’s banter with Chris kept us all entertained through the evening. It was all I could do to keep myself from joining in with the Japanese accents they were putting on (I’d have sounded awful). Pies had the DB9 convertible for the weekend, so we went for a spin in that. Impressive is not the word - it felt like being in a roller-coaster when it accelerated. I was fond of the ‘not finished yet’ interior with the blank metal, exposed wiring and the slightly conspicuous sub-woofer sitting right behind my head. I was also a fan of the ‘Ice Warning’ on the dash. Therein lies a story, but one possibly best left untold. smiley icon: wink

OK, I think I’ve worked up enough courage by now. Time to load up Half-Life 2 again…


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  1. Joey posted 1 days, 4hrs, 56mins after the entry and said:

    Good to see you’re able to socialise a bit more again - even I went out on Friday night! :O

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 17hrs, 30mins after the entry and said:

    Thanks Joey smiley icon: smile It’s nice finding the time to go out; and finding other people with the time too. :lol

    I’m looking forward to Christmas this year, with two weeks off hopefully I’ll be seeing more of people smiley icon: smile

    Out of curiosity - where’d you go Friday night?

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