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Dovedale Revisited

Mike had the day off this Sunday, so Matt, Mike and myself decided we’d have a day out, and we all fancied a walk in the autumn weather. Naturally we found ourselves at Dovedale, both Mike and myself fully prepared for the rigors of a day in the countryside by each clutching a flask of coffee. ‘Be prepared’, and all that. smiley icon: wink
The walk was nice, and I managed to grab a couple of semi-decent photo’s too, though the two ’self timer’ attempts didn’t actually take, which was annoying. We also covered more ground than last time, getting well beyond ‘Lovers Leap’ (A very high shear rock where, legend has it, a couple jumped to their deaths in the river below)

After our walk we went to Fatty Arbuckles for a meal, which turned out to be pretty bad. I think next time will be Pizza Hut. We were thinking of watching The Incredibles after that, but it wasn’t out yet, so instead we tried to go bowling. It turned out that there were two girls working, which is massively understaffed, and after about 20 minutes of queuing we got bored and went home. We ended up watching Eight Legged Freaks, which my sister had got Thomas for his birthday. It’s a really bad film, but it did have Scarlett Johansson in it, and she’s pretty enough to keep it watchable.

Monday night Chris and myself went to the pub again, which was nice. It felt good to sit down and just waffle as Sunday’s activities had left me a bit shattered.
Tuesday Half-Life 2 was finally released, so I mosied to the shops as the Christmas late night schedule is already in full swing, met Mike and grabbed a copy on DVD. We then went to the pub in Hanley with one of the new Christmas temps at Game (sorry, I’ve forgot your name already!).

Today I finally finished installing Half-Life 2. The Steam engine that’s required to play HL2 is clever, but got overwhelmed yesterday, so a lot of people (apparently) couldn’t register. Annoyingly, even with all the security of using Steam, the game still requires the DVD in the drive. Unless you bought it direct from Steam. smiley icon: frown
Judgement is still out on it. I’m liking it so far, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well it runs on my system. I have heard reports of people getting through it in 9hrs though, so I’ve whacked it up to ‘difficult’. I’m now a little stuck. :lol

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