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Yikes - an update!

Sorry for the lack of an update recently, I’ve been avoiding the PC as best I can. I find it’s a good thing to take a break every now and then, as it stops you going slightly mad.
Instead of drifting around the internet I’ve been reading more of The Algebraist and going to the pub. Wednesday (or possibly Thursday, I have no idea any more) Chris picked me up in the Prelude and we had an enjoyable night at the Lion, talking about random stuff. smiley icon: smile
Friday night was a shamefully rare occasion where Mike and myself went to Ashborne to meet Matt and Kath for a night out, as opposed to the far more common meet up where Matt comes down here for a night out. It was a good night, but Ashborne was surprisingly empty. I’d been hoping to spot more than a few hot ladies, but apparently Friday night is not Hot Lady night, which was a little disappointing. The first pub we went to we were not even sure it was open, that’s how quiet it was.

Today I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning the car and I’ve spotted the first bit of rust on it. smiley icon: sad Rear wheel arch, but when you consider it’s done 127,000 miles and a lot of that on wet salted roads at a reasonable clip I suppose it’s done pretty well to not get rusty before now. Talking about cars, there was a brand new Corvette parked outside Overclockers when I went yesterday. I’m guessing the owner of Overclockers got bored with his Nissan Skyline. The ‘Vett looked great, but not as great as the older ones. smiley icon: wink I’d have loved to hear it fire up though. Oh yes. smiley icon: smile

My self-set task for yesterday was to get a new coat and various other clothing. I got as far as getting a new coat and a shirt but I couldn’t find anywhere that did light coloured jeans any more, nor could I find a suitable jumper. The one I liked they didn’t have in my size. Still, a semi-successful shopping trip regardless! smiley icon: smile
While I was in Hanley I met Mike for a coffee during his break, which was cool, though I swear all coffee shops have the ability to make water boil at around 200 degrees C. Did I burn my tongue? Answers on a postcard…

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