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Big hugs for GMT

This morning at 2am the clocks rolled back one hour, waving farewell to BST and in the process offering me an additional hour of sleep. Morning from now on will be lighter, but driving home will happen in pitch blackness. I’m anticipating an increase in road kill, as all the animals will have forgotten to wind their watches back. They’ll discover the usual morning ‘drive to work’ period is devoid of traffic, presume that everyone is on holiday and start crossing the road just as all us stupid humans start the drive to work. Nature is harsh. Time zones more-so.

Tonight is of course Halloween, and this year there’s been nothing planned, which is sad smiley icon: sad
I might dress up anyway. smiley icon: wink

Talking of Halloween, a couple of nights ago Kath and Matt went to a Halloween party, Kath pulling her ‘black cat’ outfit out of retirement and Matt this year getting dressed up too! I seem to remember last year he refused to join in the festivities beyond donning some horns. Well this year bit him back as Kath forced him into a Vampire costume that, I have to say, looked particularly cheesy, if not a little camp. There are no photos I’m afraid. Bravo for the guy getting into the spirit of things anyway! smiley icon: smile I’m told much fun was had, and Matt was either playing the part of a Vampire well by sticking to dark dank corners for the night, or he was trying to hide.

I myself spent yesterday helping dad and Granddad rip down Granddad’s carport. After 33 years the wood was somewhere between ‘rotten’ and ‘very very rotten’, and I think it was a good thing we took it down when we did, because I couldn’t see it lasting much longer. If I’d thought about it I’d have taken my camera. I didn’t though, my apologies.

This week I’ve been playing around with Photoshop, having learned the benefits of Paths and how to use them properly. I’m thinking the mw.com gallery section may be making a return if this keeps up. Especially if I end up getting that Nikon D70. All I’ve managed so far is to get a picture of Dawson at the beach and then have a miniature Dawson standing on the spade the original Dawson is holding. It’s not a bad manipulation if I say so myself. smiley icon: wink Not anything great either though. I was really hoping that my back-catalogue of photo’s would be plenty to work with, but they’re all too low resolution to do much with. Not to mention full of noise.


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  1. GD posted 16hrs, 35min, 39sec after the entry and said:

    Yes. Thanks Matthew for all your sterling work in getting the car port down, its amazing it took only a few hours to take down when it took me more than three weeks to errect all those years ago

  2. GD posted 1 days, 5hrs, 42mins after the entry and said:

    That should of course be arrect,

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