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Saturday night I purchased the A-Team Season One DVD (it was only a matter of time) and set about attempting to educate Matt as to what a classic bit of 1980’s TV he’d managed to miss. The pilot was better than I was expecting, which was nice.
Sunday Mike and myself watched one of the Conan films while Kath kept staring at Arnie and commenting on his ‘nice legs’. We also listened to Aero by Jean Michel Jarre, which is excellent in 5.1, and the video is… well, odd. Not as odd as my Hexstatic DVD though, which I discovered contained a music video by the guy who does weebul. It’s a small world.

Later in the day Matt joined us, and after playing Burnout for a while we all went to see AVP, which turned out to be pretty good. smiley icon: smile I’d heard enough bad reports to find myself going into the cinema expecting very little, but thankfully the film delivered quite a bit above expectation. Even Mike liked it, and Matt and myself thought he’d be a harsh critic. It will be a film I’ll get on DVD. It’s also been playing in the back of my mind since we got back, It’s a compelling idea.


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  1. Matthew J. Ward posted 36min, 35sec after the entry and said:

    Yeah was a pretty good day all in all. I must say AVP looked so much better on a huge cinema screen with decent sound quality. Damn those screeners! smiley icon: smile anyhows back to work.

  2. Matthew J. Ward posted 38min, 8sec after the entry and said:

    Also i do know what you mean with the whole ‘why the pyramids were built’ etc….. quite a kool plot…. smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

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