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Waking up at mid-day is great, because it means it’s a weekend and there’s no work to be done. It was even better today as the rain was belting down outside and there was a fair wind blowing too. I felt like pointing at the weather and mocking it before diving back into my incredibly comfortable bed. smiley icon: smile
Instead however I got up, knowing that if I stayed in bed any longer it’d suddenly become Sunday afternoon and I’d be wondering what happened to the weekend. This turned out to be a good move because I managed to catch Young Sherlock Holmes on TV. It’s been many years since I last saw that, and it surprised me to find it’s just as good now as I thought it was then. The level of acting is a damn sight better than some ‘aimed at kids’ movies I could mention too. *nods in the general direction of Harry Potter* (Which I think is great by the way. Just not a showcase for the best acting in the world.)

My incredible powers of deduction meant that it only took me two hours to realise that the reason no one was in the house today was because Mum, Dad and Thomas have gone on holiday for the week.
In an unrelated matter I appear to have left my mobile phone at work.

Earlier this week, walking around Tesco with Mike, I discovered that season one of The A-Team is finally available on DVD. smiley icon: smile For £25 no less. smiley icon: smile I may go and get it later today, I couldn’t at the time as I’d left my wallet at home. *doh*

Also discovered this week is Suicide Girls (nudity warning, not safe for work, possibly offensive depending on your sensibilities), which as a concept I find very interesting. Goth girls and a few more heavily body modified women contribute to what is essentially a soft pornography site with unusual extras. The interesting aspect is that the site’s content is provided by volunteers. Most take the pictures themselves and email them to the site. What that leads to is some unusually artistic nude photography, from some unusual people. It’s not all porn/nudes either, many ’suicide girls’ also have blogs on the site and there appear to be music and video sections, which are the girls own work. It’s kind of the ultimate voyeur peek into a sub-culture most people dismiss as consisting of social rejects. Read some of the girls profiles and you’ll find many are very smart people. Of course some are exactly what you’d expect them to be.
Exploitative? Possibly yes, however the girls sign themselves up and as they’re the ones making and publishing their own content, so I guess it’s only as exploitative as they want it to be.
Interesting? Hell yes (and there are some very attractive ladies in there too smiley icon: wink ).

Other than that this week I discovered Wikipedia which is an online encyclopaedia powered by a wiki, and for the first time in years I actually found myself surfing the web! How old school!!

Well, it’s now 5:15pm and my stomach is demanding food. Adios Amigo.

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