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Mr Scruff

Saturday 16th was a busy day. 10am my car was booked in for it’s MOT and it was duly dropped off ten minutes early. I managed to kill an hour or so shopping in Hanley, mostly managing to avoid the rain. Out of boredom I went in search of the ‘just published’ third edition of PHP & MySQL Web Development and was shocked to find it stocked at Webberly’s. After a quick flick through I decided I needed it there and then and ran to the counter with it in my sweaty geeky hands. If I’d have realised it was almost £10 cheaper off Amazon I might have waited. Also while at the book store I noticed Ian Banks’s new novel ‘The Algebraist‘, and figured ‘what the hell’ and bought that too. Sadly it was a hard cover, so it was £18. Books are expensive, it’s no wonder the youth of today doesn’t read. smiley icon: wink
While I was in the area I wandered into Game to say hi and had a quick chat with Russ and Karl before I left them to selling consoles and stacking shelves. I also popped into HMV and got Desert Island Mix, pt.1 and Hexstatic: Master View. I managed to stop myself from getting anything else, though the three CD box set LOTR soundtrack for £13 and a couple of Kid Koala CDs sorely tempted me. I resisted.

By 12:30 I’d ran out of things to do and returned to the garage to wait for the car. It was done by 3pm, where I’d managed to get 200 pages into my new PHP book. I was told the handbrake cable had snapped while they were testing it and a new one was £66. I queried why I’d not been warned the cable was frayed last month when it was serviced, and managed to get £10 knocked off. Which was a pleasant surprise. Eventually I made it home, by which point I was not feeling great. I realised it was 3:30pm and my food/drink consumption for the day had been: a glass of milk. Quickly correcting the problem I wolfed down some tea and had a chat with Matt and Kath before we got ready to go see Mr Scruff.

We met Chris at the truck stop outside Blythe and headed off to Keel Uni. Matt and Kath appeared to be looking forward to the gig and I was getting nervous. Would it be as good as I believed it would? smiley icon: worry We got to the SU and had a beer after Joey ‘worked the cleavage’ (to quote Chris) to get us served. Evidently I myself am just not forceful enough when trying to hand over my money in exchange for drinks. When we eventually got in to see Scruff (20 min late, thank you Mr Bouncer) I was sort-of-surprised to see that for the first 20min or so the crowd consisted of us and maybe four or five other people. Evidently Chris and myself weren’t the only Scruff fans, as three guys mosied on up to the front of the dance floor and knelt, bowing at the DJ. Scruff had a good laugh at that anyway!
The night turned out to be really good, a Solid Steel set in the flesh, and thankfully Joey, Matt and Kath all loved it too! It also got very busy once students started rolling in around 10:30.


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  1. Matthew J. Ward posted 4hrs, 9min, 0sec after the entry and said:

    Yes indeed was a great night out and would jump at the chance to go again. I didn’t feel quite as old as i have done recently, seems as i managed to stay out reasonably late and got home at around 3:30 AM. Looks at Mr Wilcox with Puss In Boots type eyes, and says Mr Scruff CD’s??? smiley icon: smile

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 4hrs, 33min, 43sec after the entry and said:

    :lol I know what you mean about the feeling old. I’m glad you all enjoyed it, because I had my worries!

    If you like Scruff there’s a load of things in that general musical direction you’d probably like.

    If we’re at the pub tomorrow night I’ll bring some CDs. smiley icon: smile

  3. Matthew J. Ward posted 6hrs, 25min, 45sec after the entry and said:

    Yeah should be down tommorow. Hopefully Mr Mike will show his face, and maybe Mr Walley.

  4. Joey posted 22hrs, 48min, 9sec after the entry and said:

    LOL at “working the cleavage”! smiley icon: laugh

    I really enjoyed Mr Scruff, although late nights just don’t seem to suit me at the moment and today I slept in pretty late after my tiring weekend.

    Mr Scruff seems to have quite a few fans in Bangor, and other friends have mentioned going to see him in their hometowns, he must spend a lot of time touring round the country.

  5. MWF posted 14 days, 4hrs, 42mins after the entry and said:

    Well those with taste should always keep tabs on Ninjatune’s Solid Steel for their weekly radio show. I work to it nearly every day.

  6. Matt Wilcox posted 17 days, 6hrs, 39mins after the entry and said:

    I should have mentioned Solid Steel Radio. I’ll convert that to a link too (no http:// and no link auto-generated).

    *grooves* I’m slowly converting the guys at work to turntabalist stuff smiley icon: smile

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