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A badger!

I’d like to keep you up-to-date on the statistics for ‘roadkill passed on the way to work’ and ‘I-want-to-be-roadkill passed on the way to work’. There has been no change. The same number of hapless animals have been squashed in their bid to get to the other side of the road, and the number of animals applying for this apparently illustrious position of ‘biological bump in the road’ is the same as ever. I can only assume that the animal kingdom has a lively and active ‘extreme sports’ culture, where only the most hardcore participate in events such as ‘race the lorry’, ‘tag the car’ and ‘cross the road’. Animals - please stop flirting with death, it’s not clever.
Earlier in the week my dad and brother were watching a nature program on the TV when my brother mentioned there was a badger doing it’s thing, to which my mother replied “We saw one of those on holiday didn’t we Thomas?”. Dad looked at mum with an odd expression, and Thomas turned around with a look of incredulous disgust “Mum, that had been hit by a car”.
Mother, not quite in the spirit of the moment there.

Somehow we’ve got to Wednesday again, and I’m fairly sure there have been days skipped to get here. smiley icon: frown The car is in for it’s MOT this weekend, and it’s also my sisters birthday on Saturday (21, she’s getting old smiley icon: joke ). That’s typical, because Mike chose this Saturday to be the one Saturday in… *thinks* oh, forever … to have off work. He’s working Sunday though, so he’s not coming to see Mr Scruff on the turntables Sat night. Chris and myself are looking forward to it, Matt appears to be up for hearing some breakbeat/jazz and Kath and Joey seem to be reserving open enthusiasm for a later date.

Possibly more in this entry later in the day…

[update] Ok, so it took me a little longer to update this entry than I thought. Matt didn’t come to the pub this week as he’s just started his new job (congrats!) and wants to be on the ball, rather than half asleep when he goes in. Instead Chris and myself went out, and bumped into James Dodd, who was having a beer before going out to Newcastle. It was good catching up with him, and funny hearing his story about his driving experience from earlier in the day. You had to be there, poor guy worries too much. smiley icon: smile
We stayed till midnight, when I think Chris realised I was drifting off into a world of my own. I am not used to being up that late anymore.


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  1. Joey posted 2hrs, 59min, 48sec after the entry and said:

    I have enthusiasm actually, I have been excitedly telling anyone who’ll listen that I’m going to see Mr Scruff on Saturday. :oD I even had a good chat with one of my housemates last night and he let me borrow the “Trouser Jazz” CD.

  2. Matt Wilcox posted 3hrs, 10min, 22sec after the entry and said:

    Great stuff! If “Trouser Jazz” is on sale I’ll be getting it at the gig, it’s supposed to be better than “Keep It Unreal”, and I reckon that’s a great record.

    PS - you girls and you’re unconventional smileys!
    *adds that to his smiley converter code*

  3. Matt posted 1 days, 6hrs, 16mins after the entry and said:

    Hey matt! love the black lister….shame its useless.

  4. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 6hrs, 41mins after the entry and said:

    Hehe, it’s great for cleaning up spam. Two clicks and buh-bye all spam from any IP/name/time-frame I like.

    The limits of the net sadly mean you can’t permanantly block people. I see it did block you seven times before you figured a way around it though…

  5. Matt posted 1 days, 6hrs, 47mins after the entry and said:

    dont get me wrong i was complimenting you, its nice coding but with a Proxy-chain that changes every 10 seconds its rendered usless on me know. computers are what i do. i get round most things eventually.

  6. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 7hrs, 13mins after the entry and said:

    Cheers smiley icon: smile
    I don’t appriciate people badmouthing my friends or myself on my own site. Please don’t.

  7. Kath posted 1 days, 9hrs, 55mins after the entry and said:

    I’m enthusiastic too! It’s my bday and i’m gonna be druuuuuuuuuunk! And if Mr Scruff turns out to be Mr Rubbish, i’ll be hopping over to K2 (the other union place).

  8. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 9hrs, 57mins after the entry and said:

    Just what we need, drunk Kath.

  9. MWF posted 3 days, 2hrs, 21mins after the entry and said:

    Wow Jimi, it seems Kate’s stalker has moved onto you.

  10. Matt Wilcox posted 3 days, 9hrs, 11mins after the entry and said:

    Yeah baby, I have a stalker! *struts*

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