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I apologise for the lack of an update in the last week or so. I’ve been avoiding the computer after getting sick and tired of looking at one all day. The last thing I’ve wanted to do after a hard days coding is to come home and code some more. OK, so I found time to play Half-Life 2 a bit, and the odd game of Counter-Strike: Source with Mike, Matt and a couple of people from Game. That’s different though. smiley icon: joke
While I’m talking of games, I took a look at eve-online the other day only to realise it’s finally had it’s ‘Expansion Pack’ applied. It’s looking brilliant, both from a gaming standpoint and from a graphics standpoint. I really wish I had the time to devote to playing it. The new stuff looks so enticing. The problem is it’s a virtual world in every way, and in order to get the cool stuff you have to earn it. Literally. By earning money to go out and buy That-Shiny-Thing. Then of course your character needs to have the skills to play with your hugely expensive new toy, and that too takes time. If I want a shiny new space-ship it will take me at least a month of play to get, even if I resurrect my old character. I don’t have the time. smiley icon: sad
In other gaming news Half-Life 2 Deathmatch has been released, which I’m sure I’ll tell you all about once I’ve actually played it.

Moving on from games I can inform you that I’ve spent quite a few nights recently at the pub, which is a very welcome change of surroundings. I would love to recount the tale of Chris and Dawson getting drunk on out-of-date Budweiser and the ensuing two hour discussion on Bovril “rated ‘N’; for Northern. It’s not for southern nancies!” (spoken in jest, before anyone gets offended. James. smiley icon: joke ). I would love to explain to you how incredibly funny a certain conversation was that had Dawson literally holding his sides in pain, collapsed on the table in ‘I cant breath!’ levels of humor. I’d love to, but looking back none of us actually know why it was as funny as it was. All we do know is the table smells of some very nice polish, and there was something Goodall / Tean Chip Shop related going on.
I told you it didn’t make sense.

My radical fantasies of owning a 1982 Corvette T-top are getting worse as time goes on. I’m starting to almost believe that it’s a good idea. There’s much more to this than I can cover here, but keep your eyes open over the holiday season, when more will be revealed…

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