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Pigeons and Lemmings

Weyhey! It’s Thursday, which means it is almost the weekend and I get to sleep in and chill. smiley icon: smile I’ve started noticing the nights drawing in, the temperature dropping and the onset of the typical winter morning thought: ‘I really don’t want to get up this morning’. I usually experience that thought about twenty minutes after the alarm first went off, and when I have just found the most comfortable sleeping position known to man - a position which is only discoverable when there is an immediate need to get out of bed.

Driving into work, bleary eyed and running on only a glass of milk, it crossed my mind that pigeons are possibly the aerial equivalent of lemmings. They love to fly from one side of a country lane to the other, but I have only ever seen them do this when there’s oncoming traffic. Furthermore, rather than taking off at the top of the bush/tree and flying straight to their destination, they take off just above ‘top of a truck’ height and dip into the path of any oncoming traffic. The amount of road kill I have seen since starting work far exceeds that which I saw prior to starting work. I’ve only been working a month and a half!
In addition, it always amazes me that any animal on the road not displaying a suicide tendency will invariably try to evade traffic by running/flying straight along the path of the road. The safety of the verge from which they just emerged doesn’t seem to appeal to them.
Fortunately I’ve not hit anything yet, I’d be gutted if I did, but come on animals - give me a helping hand please.

I’m hoping tonight will be a night at the pub, I could do with a break from being inside, on a computer. The last couple of night’s I’ve actually shut the PC down around 9pm and read a book, which has been quite nice. I used to read a lot but since starting college all those years ago my volume of books read has been in continual decline. At home I now have in my ‘bought but not yet read’ pile:

Well, dinner break is over so I’d better get back to work (which is going well by the way smiley icon: smile ) Shame I left my wallet at home and haven’t had any dinner.

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