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Gone To Hibernate

Winter Chill Directions: Hibernate, don’t migrate. Snuggle up with a significant other while listening to a suitable Kandi soundtrack. Always use appropriate nesting materials

Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 3

That quote right there - that is exactly where my brain is at right now. After a grand total of four hours sleep last night, the incredibly startling buzzer on my new alarm clock propelling me out of bed, and a drive into work with the heaters on full blast… I want to be in bed listening to a Kandi record doing some seriously lazy snuggling. I do not want to be sitting at work bathed in the cold luminescence of a TFT monitor and baking my noodle over CSS layout bugs. As much as I enjoy it, right now I’d enjoy sleep more. *closes eyes and smiles* smiley icon: sleep

Mike (Goodwin) has been promoted to Keyholder at work, well done dude! This means three things: he now runs the store most Thursday nights and Sundays, he’s got a pay rise (I hope), and he’s now got a suit. Mike has a suit, and the weirdest bit is how well he pulls that off.
In other news Chris has got a new car. I am told however that ‘A spin in the Volvo is no treat’ *grin*. He’s been looking for a ‘winter snotter’ to use while the 4i hibernates somewhere safe over winter, and the Volvo is that snotter.
Hopefully Matt (Ward) will be starting his new job soon. I don’t think I’ve mentioned his new job before, so congrats on that my friend!

The last few days have seen both Dad and Grans birthdays, but not a lot else. I went shopping briefly with Mike on Saturday night and that’s more or less it. Hopefully there will be stuff going on this week, though with Mike working Thursday nights now we’re going to have to re-schedule the weekly outing (which has been very neglected in recent months).

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