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busy busy busy

First things first - if you’re using IE you should be aware of the rather huge security hole that has been found in it.

The net watchdog, the US Computer Emergency Response Center (Cert), and the net security monitor, the Internet Storm Center, have both issued warnings about the combined threat of compromised websites and browser loophole.

Cert said: “Users should be aware that any website, even those that may be trusted by the user, may be affected by this activity and thus contain potentially malicious code.”

In its round-up of the threat the Internet Storm Center bluntly stated that users should if possible “use a browser other then MS Internet Explorer until the current vulnerabilities in MSIE are patched.”

For more information on this take a look at BBC Technology News and Microsoft’s security warning. May I take this opportunity to point you towards a far superior browser that doesn’t have IE’s security holes and one which supports current web standards (unlike IE) … do your self a favour and get Firefox. Here are a few reasons why Firefox is better than IE, and a few reasons why you should be worried about using IE, and more reading

update (30th Jun) There has been another Internet Explorer security flaw which is aimed specifically at Online Banking. This is the second in one week, and is specific to Internet Explorer. Please make sure at the very least you have all the latest patches and windows updates.

With that out of the way it’s onto the diary entry proper. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Last week was the University show, for which the Multi Media Graphics part was botched together at the very last minute. The art & design show is a showcase for each of the courses being run at the university, it’s supposed to allow potential employers, family, and future students to see what each course is all about and the kind of work being produced. The opening night was busy everywhere apart from the MMG area, which was only visited by those wanting to pick up the cheese sandwiches that were provided…or so I thought. I was later clarified on that point. Creation’s (not the nightclub) managing director had emailed me to let me know he’d seen my work at the show and ask if I would like an interview for a full-time position as a web designer? Well yes I would, so I promptly phoned him up and arranged an interview. Wish me luck for this Thursday coming people smiley icon: smile
My day to look after the show was Sunday 20th, and from 10am until 5pm (when I had had enough) I saw maybe 25 people walk into the MMG show room. I tried to alleviate the boredom by coding a new interface for the students work. That kept me entertained for about 45min. After that I decided to read up on my eve-online history and back-story. My parents, little brother and aunt Sheila arrived mid afternoon to have a nosey around the uni. Opinions about the work and organisation of the show shall be kept to the respective people. smiley icon: wink

This week I was really hoping to get some serious work done on my website, having anticipated being less busy once uni was over. Not the case. I’m Mike’s aromatherapy client, which swallows entire afternoons up, my hours at work have shot up (which is welcome enough as additional income is always pleasant), and I’ve spent one day in the Stafford branch of Game (it was easy to find Stafford, but took 40min to get a parking space on a long stay car park). It means all I’ve managed to do is mock-up a new look for use in my portfolio website, which I’m hoping to have up and working tomorrow night. I’m itching to get this website re-done however, and the longer it’s taking to make a definitive start the more I’m wanting to do it.

This last week saw the summer holiday in Cornwall. Rather different this year as neither Mike nor myself went. Matt and Kath went, as did Chris, Joey, Pies, Gemma, Mike Haines, Tara, Stepec and his missus, Tom, and Nick and Nick’s Missus. I’m told much fun was had, and the updates on LAW were welcomed.

And with that I’ve run out of time, I’ve gotta grab a shower, some food, and then razz off to another Aromatherapy session.

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