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new toys

Well it’s been nice having something of a relax this last week. I started out by going on a small spending spree, it’d been a while since i bought an album and i felt like treating myself. Plus there was a sale on at HMV, so i ended up with Hed Kandi’s Winter Chill, Winter Chill 2, and Winter Chill 3, having got them because i -love- the other two (more recent) winter chill’s i own, which means i now own all the winter chill albums smiley icon: smile I also picked up Massive Attack’s 100th Window, which i’m liking quite a lot, in addition to Ash’s new album Meltdown and Lisa Lashes new one Get Lashed In Australia. Ash have come a long way since i last heard them back in the ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Girl From Mars’ days. I also picked up the brilliant new DJ Tiesto album Just Be

That was last week, and really i should have put those CD purchases in the last entry, but i forgot. Since then i’ve been playing Eve Online quite a bit, and it’s really quite addictive. I spend most of my time hanging around in asteroid belts in secure space, mining Scordite and simultaneously chatting to other members of my Corporation, or anyone in the same solar system. Great game, and it’s weird how nice everyone is. Last week Mike and myself were mining in our pretty low-level ships and a huge great battleship warped in next to us…we were prepared to run, flicking off mining lasers, pulling cargo into the bays, preping the engines, firing up shields (haha! vain hope of not being dead in one hit) and generally getting ready to leg it, but we fired up a chat with the owner of said ship at the same time. Turned out to be a 17yr old girl from England (in a freaking huge, very hard battleship i add) and she offered her services for free. She flicks on her 8 mining turrets and sticks around chatting for an hour or so. In the end Mike and myself got over a million ISK worth of ore thanks to her, which is great smiley icon: smile See? Top people in that game.

Yesterday i popped into uni again to drop off a poster for the student show, taking Mike along with me as he was already in Hanley. Colin (lecturer) wasn’t around so we dropped into the Ember Lounge for a pint of Guinnes, which was beautiful after the heat outside. It was nice just chilling in the bar for a while. After the pint we went and found Colin, who informed me the poster was orientated wrong (but looked great). He also let slip (accidentally) that i’ve very likely passed the course and done a damn sight better than i’d thought. He thinks i’m a 2:1 level degree. I was expecting a third, or if i was lucky a 2:2. He did realise what he’d said and quickly added that it’s in no way official and could quite easily change. In any case, i think it’s safe to say i’ll have definitely passed, and likely with a pretty good level too, so i decided to treat myself to a new toy. So today i bought myself a Logitech Z-680 system. The £240 spend justified in the following ways:

  • Dude, i just effectively passed my crappy degree
  • I love music, and for the last year i’ve not had a stereo
  • I’m not going on holiday this year, so the £300 allotted for that can be spent elsewhere
  • It’s quality, and when i move out i’ll have a kick ass surround system
  • baaaaasssssssssssssssss *rumble* *huuuge rumble*
  • it’s pluged into my PC via coaxial digital out…i get games and movies in Dolby Digital baby
  • THX certified. Did i mention DTS, remote control and built in Dolby Digital decoder? Multiple inputs? Funky blue backlight?

So there you go. You are now up to date. The plan for the next few weeks is as follows: update portfolio.matthewwilcox.com with a new skin and other tweaks, get this website re-coded from the ground up and most importantly finished, get That Homepage Site re-coded, redesigned and working. Then i can walk off to potential employers and show them completed projects and a shiny new degree certificate. smiley icon: smile

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