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Game Over

Well hey there, it’s been a while. How are you? Me, i’m good thanks, i just this minute finished uni! w00t! Handed all my work in last Friday, and i’ve just this minute got home from giving the presentation on my work, which went pretty well i think smiley icon: smile So that’s me done, time to spruce up this site, get another project done and then it’s job hunting season. smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile

In other news it’s ridiculously sunny, and has been these last few days. 30C here in the loft, it is in fact too hot. I may have to go outside and endure some of that sun stuff smiley icon: wink Sadly I think my hayfever has started up in earnest today, my eyes are alternatively watering and then dry and itchy, and i’ve sneezed at least a few dozen hundred times today. I hate hayfever. There, just sneezed again. Beautiful.

There’s not much to tell you really, owing to my ridiculous schedule of uni work over the last few weeks. I’ve not had time for much else at all. Only thing to report really is that last friday night Mike, Kate and myself went to see Harry Potter but it was fully booked for the next two showings, so we thought we’d see The Day After Tomorrow for a bit of cheezy OTT disaster movie, but that was fully booked too, so instead we saw Troy. It was surprisingly good, with some decent mostly-realistic violence instead of the lame martial arts laden hollywood pants we were expecting. In fact the whole movie was relatively absent of hollywood cliche, which was very refreshing. Plus it’s a movie where the bad guys win. Never thought i’d see one of those made in Hollywood. Been to the pub a couple of times with John, Carm and Ben, sometimes with Mike. The Goodalls made an appearance one night, propping up the bar. And that’s about it.

Right, i’m off to do some serious relaxing… chow.

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