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Post Uni

Greetings smiley icon: smile
Hold on a second while I refresh my memory on what the last entry had in it… ahh yes. I remember now. Well, last Thursday saw my interview for a full time job at Creation" as their Web Designer. I managed to find the place first time, which for anyone who knows me will realise is something of a minor miracle. I’d left myself plenty of time and arrived an hour early. I decided to have a wander around the town, getting shouted at by some guy as I left the car park. Turned out it was a private car park. Fortunately all was cool once I’d explained I was there for an interview and had been told I could park there. smiley icon: smile The town seems nice enough but has a seriously busy main road. I wandered back to the car still with 45min to kill so carried on with one of my new Ian M Banks books: Feersum Endjinn. It’s been ‘buy one get one half price’ at WHSmiths this week, so I picked up that book in addition to The Player Of Games, Against a Dark Background, and Inversions. I already have all his other books apart from ‘The State Of The Art’. The guy writes some very good Sci-fi. smiley icon: wink
At 4:55 I finished up and got into the interview room after negotiating the intercom (I had no idea how to use the damned thing properly, never having used one before. I was pressing buttons and then trying to figure out if you needed to keep it pressed to speak, or if it just kept the channel open automatically or what. Eventually someone came down and opened the door. I can only assume my half sentences made some form of sense, and pray that I didn’t come off as some sort of brainless country bumpkin).
The interview itself went well I feel, but not as well as I’d have liked. Of course, you can always look at things in retrospect and say ‘maaan, I could have said this/that/the other or mentioned this, this and that. We seemed to be on the same wavelength however, and it was reassuring to know my decision at uni to ignore hardcore Flash development (which they try very hard to push you toward) in favour of PHP / MySQL / Web Standards and general ‘Good Design’ wasn’t made in error. Asked about my Flash skills I simply stated (truthfully) that I had solid basic knowledge of the application but tended to not use it, as it was more often than not the incorrect tool for the job. Leigh Scott (Managing Director and interviewer) agreed, telling me they were trying to steer clear of Flash on the very grounds I laid out. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I get the job, as I know they’ve trawled the universities for people and had at least a few other people to interview. On the plus side I could walk away without the job and still be in the reliving position of knowing I’ve made the right choices at uni and that I’m technically competent enough to do this ‘Web Design’ thing at a professional level. All I need now is experience. smiley icon: wink
Creation" seemed a good company and a nice group of people to work with. I hear off them in the next week or so. *crosses fingers*

Thursday night also saw Mike having a BBQ as his parents were on holiday. Matt, Kath, Chris and Joey all came too and it was a good, chilled out night. Food was nice (and crispy) and it was cool hearing about what people had been up to recently. Chris has some photos of their holiday up on his website. I’d talk about playing Eve some more, but I think I’d come off really sad. If only you lot were as excited at hauling 10,000 m3 of ore in one load as I am smiley icon: wink
The website re-design is very very slowly growing momentum. This time there’s a rather huge amount of thought going into the design of the site, the code and the database and all sorts of things.

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