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the heat is on

OK, less than three weeks to go before my hand in date for all my final year uni projects is reached. I have two ‘finished’ projects, one not yet started project and half of a project folder done. That means in less than three weeks i need to get a whole project done, and two and a half project folders created, including proposals, research, feedback and reports. This would not be quite so bad if i hadnt lost all interest in my course about two years back. Only in the last few weeks am i at a point where i’ve decided i need to at least have something to show for my three year and £10k investment in a course i dont like. What that actually means is that the feedback and pre-production designs i should have gotten done for these three projects, i never did get done for two of them. This, clearly, means that my apathy for the course is currently translating into mountains of research and writing up to do in addition to the actual projects themselfs, because finally i care about getting something out of it rather than sitting here moaning about how useless and meaningless the course is. It may well be a truely pointless course, but i now find i want that degree, if only to stare balefully at it in later life and cackle ‘muhahaaa, you sucker, i beat you’ at it. The heat is on, my brain is a preasure cooker, and it’s starting to blow the seal. Time is not on my side, and apparently neither is the IT department, who have had a week to get PHP, MySQL and PHP MyAdmin on their server and have failed to do so, even though i’ve spoken to the technicians three times and supplied a CD with said software into the hands of said technicians. I’m also getting sent email viruses off the uni server, which just adds insult to injury.

With so much to do, why on earth am i sitting here updating my website i hear you ask. Well, i’ve been busy at this all week and i’m feeling a bit burned out. It’s that 6pm-10pm slot where my brain curls up and dies too, so i figured i’d take the opportunity to update my recently neglected diary page. I’m feeling especially ‘meh’ at the moment due in part to the gloomy weather and the fact that i want to go out, but if i so much as think about it i get a shot of pure panic down my spine and a big image of a floating clock appearing before my very eyes. Wilcox left it stupidly late to decide he wanted something out of this course, i tell you. A tip for budding university students: if at the end of the first year you decide the course is not for you…quit the course, do not get persuaded into thinking next year might be better - it probably wont be, and you’ll be twice as in debt.

Moving away briefly from university and the large amounts of stress it’s suddenly causing me - recently we’ve been taking a small break from Charly Bassets after Matt last week decided he wanted us to go somewhere different for our regular thursday night pub outing. We found ourselfs at The Spotgate, which is a nice change from the usually busy CBs. Plus we have huuuge appreciation for the fussball table that lives there, which is immense fun, though the ball is prone to flying off the table every now and then when someone goes for a particularly hard shot on goal.

Anyway, time is pressing on and i’d better get a drink, have a little relax doing nothing and then get on with some more project proposal write up…

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