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woah there

Yikes, it’s been two weeks or so since i last did this! ack! smiley icon: stunned

In the mean time i’ve been pretty busy, but most of that has been mincing about with work or uni. Yes this time i’ve been busy in a ‘weyhey - got some uni work done!’ kinda way smiley icon: smile Things are now progressing quite a bit better, but these last few days have seen not a lot done due to the need to earn money and such. Yesterday was stock take, which was oh-so-exciting. smiley icon: frown Last Tuesday (before i forget to mention) was Kate’s birthday! I ended up giving Mike a lift up to Chaplins (a pub, not a person) as the bus service was typically not up to the job. As we got to the car park and were trying to decide what to do Kate and her family turned up, so i went over to say happy birthday and hand her present over before leaving them to it and going home. Kate’s parents however had other ideas and very kindly invited me to the meal too, which i must say i felt a bit guilty for, i didnt mean to gatecrash! smiley icon: worry It was a nice ‘do’ and everyone enjoyed themselves. After the meal and a long session involving the slating off Westlife (who’s ‘music’ was dripping into our ears from the TV in the corner) we went to Kate’s and watched Pirates Of The Caribbean. Top top film. smiley icon: smile

This weekend just gone saw John, Carmel and myself out at the pub again, but to be honest i think every one of us were a bit too tired to really appreciate it. smiley icon: worry Ben was still in Bangor and hence wasnt out with us, Mike was with Kate doing things couples do, as were Matt and Kath. smiley icon: joke The weather these last few days (while i’ve been at work) has been beautiful, summer felt like it was here early! Of course today, my first day off, the weather was rubbish, rain, drizzle, cloud and hot humidity. At least it meant i had to stay in and get uni work done. Incidentally, if you’re using Internet Explorer - stop using that crap, go get a proper standards compliant browser like mozilla firefox. That’s all i have to say.

Anyway, thats it for this entry, because i’m tired and need to get on with more work. See you soon.

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