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It’s been a busy few days, not busy in a productive ‘weyhey, got uni work done’ way, but in a ‘weyhey, got outside a bit’ way. Which is good and bad, but i’m going to stick with the ‘good’ verdict for now. smiley icon: joke Saturday night, if memory serves, saw me and John Foster out in the Z3. I’ve not really spoken to John ‘properly’ since he joined the RAF, and it was great to have a proper catch up and a man to man talk about stuff. Holiday 2004 was a main area of discussion, and it was very nice to find out that opinions about this years activities were the same. smiley icon: smile After that we ended up at his place where we talked some more and i was plied with beer and black Sambucca, which is something i don’t mind being plied with. Black Sambucca is a gorgeous drink. Later on Carmel arrived and by about 2am we decided it was time for home/bed. It was a good night, and i enjoyed ‘getting back in touch’ so to speak. smiley icon: smile

Sunday was of course Easter Sunday, and as planned i picked Mike and Kate up from Mike’s and we met Matt and Kath in Stanton before going for a walk around Carsington Reservoir. Somehow we managed to make an 8 mile walk last 5hrs. smiley icon: joke It was a nice day out, and the Sunday Roast we had at the pub halfway was much appreciated. Incidentally, the female bar staff appeared to consist exclusively of hot blondes. Which was great. smiley icon: wink On our way around we discovered a rather weird wooden ‘house’. Everything in it was made of wood, and it made an unusual place to have a rest. I really want a wooden house when i move out. Ahh, that log cabin i dream of… We got home and had tea, by which time i was wiped out and nearly asleep on my feet, at which point John phoned up and invited me out to the pub. :lol Turned out The Keys was absolutely packed and had a karioki night on, so John, Carm, Laura (Johns sister), Ben and myself ended up at The Draycot Arms instead. That was another good night but thankfully we got back pre-midnight, though if i remember right i ended up half asleep watching Ice Hockey on the TV until about 2am. I could see myself getting into that game.

Monday i was at work, which dragged due to it being a little over-staffed and not very busy at all. Monday night i have no idea what i did. I dont remember staying in, but i dont remember doing anything else. I have a feeling that i ended up chatting on MSN for most of the night. smiley icon: worry Today i got a message from Ben about going to Sherwood Forrest. My initial reply was ‘no’ as i was determined to get uni work done, but it was a beautiful day and he managed to twist my arm into it. I got an hours worth of work done and then Ben picked me up, we got Tom too and then met John and Carm at Tesco, grabbed food and headed off. John and Carm got themselves lost on the way and ended up going home before getting there. To be honest it was left a bit too late to get much out of it really, but a short walk in the trees and meeting an 800yr old ‘Major Oak’ were pretty cool. That oak tree was so old it had support struts keeping it up, and Tom decided to form some sort of radical campaign group to promote the ethical treatment of Old Age Trees. ‘To die with dignity at 800′ after all its seen the Fourth Crusade, the Magna Carta, the fifth and sixth Crusades, a few wars with France, the Scottish War Of Independence, The Black Death, figuring out the world is not flat, Shakespeare, the great fire of London, discovery of America, American War Of Independence, two world wars, nuclear weaponry, man on the moon, the computer, and global networks. It’s an old tree.

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