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Another entry? Oh you’d better believe it.

Yet again my short term memory lets me down: either Tuesday or Wednesday saw me finally banking a cheque in Cheadle and going to Mike’s for the afternoon, where we chilled out, played some computer games, talked, and listened to music. Mostly of a 60’s or 80’s flavour. After playing Bridge It (which sounds ridiculously geeky, but in fact is good fun to build bridges that destroy themselves) Mike made the fatal move of showing me Triptych, which is a physics variant of Tetris. Again, sounds too geeky for words, in fact, it is every bit as addictive as Tetris itself was all those years ago. On the other hand my red/green colour-blindness made it pretty difficult as i was parking orange bricks by red ones and wondering why in hell they weren’t disappearing. Oh well. :lol
We decided to see if Kate wanted to come out, and as she did we picked her up and went wandering around Tesco for food and Easter Eggs before returning to Mikes to watch a bit of futurama and do some more of that ‘chilling out’. Kate decided my hair needed straightening and so set about straightening it, which i am told made it look and feel loads better. smiley icon: wink smiley icon: smile Was a fun night smiley icon: smile

Last night, being a Thursday, saw the regular visit to Charly Bassets after work. This time however we were minus Chris and Joey because i’d annoyed Chris earlier in the day, but instead had Ben, John and Carmel in addition to the other regulars. We also decided to go visit Weaver Hill afterward. Man, it was like a trip to yesterday-land. We’ve not been up there as a group in ages. The starts were out, Mike and myself had grabbed coffee on the way up, and we chilled under a clear night sky for a while, though we soon decided it was far too cold to be stood outside and so piled back into our respective cars with the heater on full whack. smiley icon: smile *toasty*

Those who have read the diary before will know i sometimes visit colorquiz.com. Yet again it seems to be fairly accurate in it’s decisions about my current personality…

Your Existing Situation: The existing situation contains critical or dangerous elements for which it is imperative that some solution be found. This may lead to sudden, even reckless, decisions. Self-willed and rejects any advice from others.
Your Desired Objective: Feels exhausted by conflict and quarreling and desires protection from them. Needs peaceful conditions and a tranquil environment in which to relax and recover.

A fair summation i think.

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