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Social gatherings

Whats this!? Another update!? My my, Wilcox is starting to update a bit more regularly! smiley icon: wink

Well, it’s now the easter holidays, and that means people have returned from uni and such, which is nice smiley icon: smile Saturday saw Ben calling one of his gatherings. His parents were out partying and so people mosied over to his house, John Wayne style. I say John Wayne style, it wasn’t at all, more of a ‘ack crap, it’s ridiculously wet outside, let me the hell in!’ kinda ‘run and dive in’ approach to entering the house. So no moseying. Actually my own entrance technique would be much closer to a Blade Runner style, in that it was very very wet, i’d walked, and i was wearing my old leather trench coat so as to avoid dissolving. Which is what happens in Blade Runner. In that it rains a lot. And people wear big coats. errr…so very similar.
Anyway, my cool Blade Runner credibility established i parked my ass on the ridiculously comfortable sofa which lives in the Walker living room. Already there, and quite clearly in awe of my coat, long wet hair and rugged good looks, were Chris and Joey and Nick. Before long Ben took me upstairs (not like that) and showed me his computer, which is now living in a shiny box and has many many many things which all have much much bigger numbers on them than last time i saw it. Yes, in the land of the PC, big numbers are everything. That and blue LEDs. And the word ‘rig’.
Upon returning to the living room it was apparent that John and Carmel had arrived for the gathering, which was given away by the fact that John and Carmel were in the living room. Some short time later Don Dawsone himself mosied his ass on in there, and this time there may have been a hint of genuine moseying. The guy’s piling on the style now he’s all tooled up with a Spitfire. To cut it short (and save you from hearing more waffle) a good night was had, with Nick churning out ever less credible stories about his life, and general talk which was both fun and entertaining. I burnt my mouth on the stonebake pizza we had at about 2am. Thought i’d mention that. Was a great pizza though.

Sunday Mike and myself were at work, and my god did it drag. The day seemed to pass as slowly and inaccurately as the England football squad. Time did not stop, it actually went backwards as though all clocks were obeying the rule ‘ten minutes forward, five minute back, then report a random number ending in three’. We were more than grateful when 5:30 arrived and we were finished. Sunday night/evening saw Matt coming over for tea, and then Ben, Matt and Kath, Mike and Kate, and myself went to Charly Bassets for a well earned drink. A singular drink, in all cases but Bens. Proper student. smiley icon: wink Again a fun night was had, and for some bizarre reason discussions such as seeing a 900 Tonne Sperm Whale in the middle of Dovedale were had. People laughed, it was all good.

I’m finally getting places with one of my very last uni projects, thank god. I actually have a design, after having had days of inability to make anything that looked remotely close to ‘good’. So yeah, i’d better get on with that really. Ta ta!

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