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Keeping It Unreal

Its been an odd week this week. I’ve been feeling a bit of a badass, in terms of seemingly having a little more self confidence than usual, and a lower tolerance for taking crap off people. Which i like, but i’m keeping a close eye on it for fear of teetering over the edge and turning into a kind of comedy-esque Ming the Merciless. :lol Actually, i might look good with a shaved head, eye-shadow and a devoted army of slaves and warriors at my beck and call… *ponders*
I think the attitude started when i went to uni and actually got a little sorted out, by venting my frustration at lecturers and figuring out what it was they actually want. Since then i’ve managed to get some productive work done, which means i’m less prone to worry induced moping, and more prone to actually doing things. Man i can’t wait for uni to be over. smiley icon: smile I also think the unexpected positive feedback from the last diary video boosted my confidence a fair bit. Chris i think downloaded some other video to be claiming, even in jest, that my name should possibly become ‘Jimi Spielberg Wilcox’. The people over at EK were also very positive toward it, and i think everyone loved the driving bit. I’m not really used to that kind of response from people so i’m handling it by being secretly massively chuffed and outwardly going ‘meh’. smiley icon: wink

Saturday just gone saw the arrival of Mr Waddy’s 21st birthday. smiley icon: smile Matt, Kath, Mike Haines, Tara, Chris, Joey, Ben and myself all went to celebrate by having a pub meal in Caverswall. It was a very enjoyable night, and i think Matt had fun too, which is always a bonus smiley icon: wink It was good to see Mike and Tara too, who i rarely see and rarely speak to, and i was pleased at how much fun was had. Would you believe it, i think we’re all growing up! smiley icon: wink Mike Goodwin and Kate were absent due to Mike being in the throes of some life threatening illness which had seen him confined to quaters and unable to operate a telephone, which shows the degree of his affliction when you consider his mobile is like an integral part of Mike as a person. He’s better now.

Last night saw Chris playing devils advocate on MSN and starting a Dawson/Me interaction followed by a group conversation. Conversation went as expected, Dawson shut up like a clam upon my arrival and i went a little OTT trying to provoke a manly response from him. I left to get a coffee once i realised that no amount of obtuse provocation was going to get Dawson to stop curling up in a ball and hiding in the corner of the great MSN chatroom. My constant attempts to provoke him were making me look like a complete w***** to all and sundry (including myself), so i mosied on to the kitchen to get a relaxing caffine instalment. Upon my return Daws has skidaddled and Chris instructed me to come out to Tesco. Clearly i was so riled up he thought real life conversation was needed. smiley icon: wink Anyway, a fun night was had driving about randomly, where i covered about 80miles in the car (just to answer your question Joey, that’s a bit under quarter of a tank). Much was talked about, and Joey got to see how male friendship dynamics work. I bet she feels truley educated. Chris assures me she wasn’t upset when we dropped her off, but i was a bit concerned Chris and my own babble had upset her. smiley icon: worry

I’m hopefully going to try and obtain some photos of Mr Waddys birthday from Ben, who took his camera, but in the mean time there’s three photo’s of me on my way to and at work. See you later people. smiley icon: smile

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