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playing with video

Hey there sir or madam. smiley icon: smile

Hang on a second while i try and think what i have been doing this week.
Last friday or saturday, or maybe some other day, but certainly between now and the last diary entry, Pies, Gemma, Mike (Helm), Sue, Chris, Dawson, Darren Bloor and myself went to Charley Bassets. I dont know how Pies manages to have so many crazy stories to tell, but if he’s there you can always guarentee entertainment. :lol Admitedly most stories involve cars, women or some sort of haggling, but it’s always hillarious. One day i’ll manage to record a typical ‘Pies’ conversation for you to listen to. One day. Maybe. smiley icon: smile I am assuming that after the pub we went straight home, but to be honest i don’t really remember.
Saturday or Sunday the guys from work invited me to see Starsky and Hutch, in the end it dwindled to Mike, Kate, John (my manager) and myself going. And for some reason we went to Warner Village rather than Odeon, where we could have likely gotten in free. We were also stuck right at the front and right at the side, so the entire film was massivly sqewed. smiley icon: angry Stupid cinema. On the plus side i thought it was an entertaining film, ivery funny in places, and Snoop Dog made a great Huggy Bear. smiley icon: smile

Yesterday i ended up going on a trip to Tesco with the Chris, hunting weeto’s and other consumables, before we consumed the consumables at Hollington Level. We couldn’t be bothered with going further afield for a decent view owing to hunger. smiley icon: wink Was nice to get out the house and have a real life chat as opposed to an MSN chat, though upon reflection i really wish i was a less ’serious’ type of person. If it’s ever me and Chris having a chat on our own it always goes down the ’serious’ route for some reason. I need to lighten up a bit.
Mike is still in his state of perpetual skint-ness, and as such is rarely out at the moment. I hope that changes soon, and if it doesn’t i’m going to steal his phone off him, for his own good. I am being 100% serious. It’s his financial achilies heal, and no mistake. *shakes head*

At some point this week (i think) i got myself two 128Mb memory cards for my camera’s, a scanner so i can scan stuff for a uni report, and a copy of UT2004. Every one a good purchase. smiley icon: smile Other than that which is mentioned above i dont think i’ve done anything adventurous. :-/

The video (yes, this is the second video entry of all time ever) was shot today and also put together today, after having the idea for it at about 3am while mentally shouting at my brain to shut up and let me sleep. Also today i have finally gotten some uni stuff cleared up, which means i can now get on with doing uni work. Finally. 10 weeks to go, two major projects and a DPR report to get done. It’s going to be very tight. *eek*

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