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birthday 2004

A few days ago chris let us know about a pretty funky deal (or slip up) that dixons.co.uk had done. When you bought a really cheap Lexmark printer, they offered you a Packard Bell DV3000 for free (as opposed to the £90 they retail at). Needless to say Chris, Mike, Daws and myself took them up on their offer, obtaining a ‘toy’ DV cam and printer for the grand total of £36. Including postage. smiley icon: smile The reason i mention this is that it’s opened a new feature to the site - video. The first video diary entry is this one, and you can see one of our regular trips to Tesco that i sometimes mention. Now i was a muppet and didn’t realise i’d got the cam on low quality mode, so it’s only at 6fps, which is -really- juddery, but you get the idea. It is not a reccomended download for those on dial up, as it’s pretty pointless, not all that funny and comes in at 6.6mb for three minutes of footage. Those with broadband, it’s maybe worth having a look smiley icon: smile You may need to download the DivX video codec in order to watch it DivX511 codec
Chris intends to use his as the Rocket Cam in an upcoming project smiley icon: wink I’ve now ordered myself a 128Mb memory card for it, to get a whopping 20min of video on *cough* smiley icon: wink I also got a 128mb card for my ‘proper’ digicam, which is less than half the price and exactly double the capacity of the 64mb one i got for it last year. Progress for you! smiley icon: smile

It was my birthday last saturday (the 13th), and i found myself at work three hours early because i’m a dumbass. On the bright side it ment i could roll on into HMV and get myself some much needed new albums. I got myself Mr Scruff: Keep it Unreal, Coldcut: Journeys by DJ and Lamb: Between Darkness and Wonder. Each and every CD is great! The Coldcut CD is a brilliant mixed (as in seamless track switches) trip along the bredth of turntablism, Mr Scruff is just a beautiful turntabalist take on jazz, funk and hip hop, and Lamb are just sublime indie stuff. 2004’s choice of music has so far been great, i’ve not picked a dud yet *fingers crossed* smiley icon: wink
Anyway, i started work at 12, which was really boring and dragged a bit sadly. After that i got home to see my family leaving for a pub meal. Granted, i had been invited, but it was left a little late to be arranging my birthday, and a trip out with my mates had already been arranged. Very odd birthday this year - no cake, didnt see most of the family. Man i must be getting old. You also know you’re getting old when your presents ‘gadgety-toy to practical-gift’ ratio hits an all time low. Man, i am old! smiley icon: wink
Eventually it was revealed that people were at Charly Bassets for a birthday gathering - sadly no one had informed me of this, and Kath and Matt (who everyone else seemed to think were giving me a lift) were both staying home, so i hauled my own ass over there and met them up there. Incidentally it was an important day today - Kate’s first outing with the ‘group’ smiley icon: wink smiley icon: smile It was great to see her and Mike out together with people other than me. Joey had made it back from uni and was in attendance, Pies and Gemma were also there, as were Mike (Helm) and Sue smiley icon: smile Was a nice evening/night, thank you all smiley icon: smile It was also ridiculously crowded, and it later transpired that it was the sexy barmaids birthday too! She was 35, and we got to have some of her birthday chocolate cake. smiley icon: smile :yum I also got a Birthday Bells from her, but sadly as i was driving i couldnt drink it and so handed it to Kate, who pretty much necked it without so much as a cough, wince, grimace or any acknowledgement that it was 40% proof. The lady clearly takes her harder alcohol well. smiley icon: wink
Presents included a foot pump for the car tyres (thanks mum and dad), a rather kick ass tripod for my cameras (thanks Mike&Kate), another mug (i’m getting rather a good collection going, thanks again Mike & Kate smiley icon: smile ) and a copy of ‘Bored of the Rings’ from Chris and Joey :lol Thanks you two smiley icon: smile I also got some money off other people, which is always appreciated smiley icon: smile Thanks those people smiley icon: smile

Why is there a singlular photo entry? Well, Chris and myself have very recently got our webcams set up, and we decided to have a chat over MSN. Joey joined in and the Chris Webcam Show began, involving the driving of a remote control toy tank and Thunderbird 2. Take a look, but be warned it’s a reasonably big picture as it’s an animated gif. Be patient. smiley icon: smile

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