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new toys

I don’t know how i managed to forget to mention this in the diary, but even though it’s late i’ll mention it now. Valentines Day saw Chris and Joey on a train to London, where they spent a romantic time buying a 3.1lr competition winning Sierra 4i. Yes, Chris is now the owner of two rather nice Sierras, though Pies has by this time already nabbed the 4x4. Chris had told no one but Joey about planning to get the 4i, so it was something of a surprise when we found out! It’s a pokey little number, but to be truthful i miss the turbo kick and dump valve of the 4x4, plus this 4i is a subdued beast in the volume department compared with the 4x4. Anyway Chris ended up taking me for a spin and we put the Stereo through it’s paces with a little ‘zen: ninjatune’ and a bass test CD. It happened to have a 15″ Cerwin Vega sub sitting in the back. smiley icon: wink Sadly bass quality was not what we were expecting, which was later put down to the fact the sub was sitting in a poorly constructed ported box. Combined with the aging head unit (a class piece of 80’s-ness) it was decided that the vega was likely under performing, and parping out one frequency bass lines as a result. From here goes an odyssey of sound system thinking. It’s highly likely that the Vega will be replaced with some of Chris’s ‘old’ equipment (did someone say ‘2x 12″ Diamond subs’?! smiley icon: wink ) in order for more bass clarity and punch. :lol

This is not the end of shiny new car news, as last weekend saw Pies returning in a pre-production Aston Martin DB9. Oh yes, the boy Pies is loved by his bosses and got to put on some miles over the weekend. Sadly i was working all weekend and as such only got to see it on the sunday night at the pub. Looks nice, but the ‘under construction’ interior was rather reminiscent of his Cavalier. smiley icon: wink I got to start it up, which sadly took no more skill that pressing a great big ’start’ button and letting it rev itself up. Nice car, and no doubt will have the Pies Seal Of Approval once it’s completed

What else has been going on recently? Well, a few days ago Chris and myself went for a drive in the car (my car), which ended up being a hunt for ‘houses to let’ starting off at Tesco and ending up very near Market Drayton, whilst going through a few places we never knew existed in between. Heck, we were both lost until we *thought* we recognised a bit of road as being one a mile or so from Emma’s. Turned out it -wasn’t- that bit of road, but we did end up on that road about 20min later. Somehow. Which was good because we knew where we were then.

The staff at Game where i work have recently taken to playing Unreal Tournament 2003 and the UT2004 demo at nights, which is quite cool. It’s not everyday you get to shoot your bosses and workmates with rocket launchers smiley icon: wink Unbelievably i actually did quite well last night when we finally got to play an instagib match (once shot kills). It was nice because it ment i didn’t have Stu blowing me up all the time with his ASMD shock rifle tricks. Or Mike taking me out with barely a glance in my direction and armed with nothing more than a standard issue gun. :lol

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