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my friends rock

Well, what can you say? My mates are softer than soft, you crazy muppets. *grin* What prompts this you are no doubt asking yourself. Read on my dear reader, read on.

On thursday Kate and myself went shopping for a certain something for a certain someone who probably already knows exactly what i’m talking about but i cant say yet just in case they don’t. Dont worry about the details, you’ll learn more in a later entry smiley icon: joke Anyway, Thursday is my usual 5pm to 8:30pm shift, and having done the shopping with Kate i started work. Mike finished his last half hour there before toddling off for a drink with Kate, leaving me with three hours to go on what’s normally a dead shift. This week however, Area Manager Mike (as he’s known, to differentiate between him and ‘our’ Mike) was in the store, which meant John (our manager, who’s super cool and a very sound guy) was paranoid about me being in with my rebelliously unkempt hair (it’s at least nine months since that last saw anything sharp and cutty). I was forced into hiding around the back area just in case Area Manager Mike decided he didnt like the cut of my ‘just washed and thus notoriously fluffy’ hair. This meant i was ticking off the delivery. Russ was sweaty with worry seeing as it’s usually his job, and i’ve never done it before. :lol
Fortunately AM Mike left quickly without commenting on my hair, and so i managed to get on the shop floor, where ordinarily i’d be standing around looking suave and practising my sexy stare and ‘come buy an Xbox’ look. *cough* That look might involve staring blankly into space and playing with pens.
Anyway, this week was different because John finally decided to finish off my training (i’m sure AM Mike’s visit had nothing to do with it smiley icon: wink ). Yes, 50 weeks after employment started, i am now officially trained. :lol This meant my shift consisted of training, which was nice in so far as i didn’t get bored and i already knew 99% of it anyway (training is supposed to be complete in three months, but John’s lazy smiley icon: joke ). Mid way through a ‘how to remove chewing gum from carpet using a freezer can’ training (no joke) Natalie strolled over on her break, which was nice smiley icon: smile Unfortunately i didn’t get much chance to talk to her because at that moment some crazy student type pounced on us about getting a bloody questionnaire filled in. Natalie being the lovely woman she is (and having little choice) filled in a questionnaire and simultaneously had a conversation. She finished up and it was my turn to fill in forms. Being at work i had to be nice, and it was a games related questionnaire, so i filled it in. Now some of you hopefully have noticed i’m male (single, ladies) and this means i can not multi-task with any degree of skill. What that meant was i was trying hard to listen to Natalie and have a conversation, but what my brain was getting in the ‘input’ section was “I think our TVs broken cuz it went all blue when i was watching the portrail of women in videogames is ’sexy’ ’strong’ ‘domestic’ or ‘intelligent’ ?” smiley icon: frown Typical, first time i see Nat to talk to ‘in the flesh’ for ages and its a no-can-do. *rolleyes* Nat went back to work as her break was a mere 15min and i went back to removing gum from the floor. I have a classy job. smiley icon: wink I was later told by Russ that irritating-questionnaire-student was escorted from the shopping center by a security guard. Which i find hard to believe, but there you go.
Work finished and Kate and Mike had returned, playing some boxing game on the Xbox in the corner. We shut shop, i vacuumed up (classy job i tell you), and very very mysteriously Mike had managed to give birth to a very large bag containing…well god knows. The second surprise (the first being where in hell he’d hidden it, because it was bigger than him) was when he said ‘present for you, thanks for all the lifts you give us’. Surprise gifts are ace! I couldn’t really get to see it at the time as it was wrapped in bubble wrap, but it’s a large metallic-ink print of the map of Middle Earth in a very nice frame. I shall be putting some pics up as soon as i can get a good pic of it smiley icon: smile Utterly soft my mates are! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile *big hug*

Getting the print to the car was fun, as the glass made it pretty heavy when the only handle was limited to getting two fingers through it due to the size of the frame itself. smiley icon: smile
We got home and we all went in and i unwrapped it and had a proper look, it’s really nice. Taking it up to my room and dispensing with the crappy pin board to make way for Middle Earth we discovered it goes -brilliant- in my room smiley icon: smile I got changed and we all headed off in my car to The Spotgate (Matt and Kath were already waiting at home). Half a dozen games of Fussball were had, which was great fun, beer was drunk and chat exchanged. Last orders were rung, we cleared up and then headed off to Tesco where we did some shopping. I tell you, post midnight shopping is the best. smiley icon: smile

Today has been spent at home getting some much needed work done, though i’ll admit a bit too much of today was spent talking to people on MSN really. And watching Derren Brown do more of his crazy mind tricks on TV. It’s now hit 1:55am, i’m a CD and a half through ‘Hed Kandi: World Series 3′ (which keeps growing on me) and i think it’s finally time for bed. Nighty night people smiley icon: smile

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