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Lastolite All in One Umbrella Kit 80cm (34")

The good

The carry case is good quality, the the overall weight is pretty low so it’s easy to carry around with you, the stand is good quality with four risers that reach to a good height (way past my ceiling in an old-style victorian era building), and the umbrella is decent too. It features a second ‘coat’ so it acts as a shoot-through without, or a reflector with. Quality of components feel good.

The bad

The whole thing is rendered almost useless by the included swivel bracket / umbrella adapter (same part, just two different names). A swivel bracket is the bit that attaches at one end to the stand, and the other to your flash. In the middle is a hole into which the umbrella shaft is inserted so that the flash fires into the umbrella.

The point of an umbrella kit is to have the flash fire into the centre of the umbrella, so that the whole umbrella is lit up and can provide even diffused light to a scene.

The included swivel bracket makes this impossible. The umbrella shaft on swivel brackets is supposed to be angled so that when mounted the flash fires into the centre of the umbrella - but on this one the shaft is perpendicular; 90 degrees straight out. The kit therefore fires the flash only into the top half of the umbrella, making for an uneven light source and rendering the whole set-up almost useless.

The conclusion

As far as I’m concerned this kit is not fit for purpose. If only they’d put in a decent swivel bracket, the story would be so different!

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