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A quarter of adults to face 'anti-paedophile' tests

As the Telegraph puts it: A quarter of the adult population faces an “anti-paedophile” test in an escalation of child protection policies, according to a report.

I’ve said it before and I have a depressing certainty that I’ll say it again; our government is worse than any terrorist group. They are making life miserable, wrecking our society, and spreading mistrust and fear through our population all on their own.

As a result ordinary parents - many of whom are volunteers at sports and social clubs - now find themselves regarded “potential child abusers”.

Professor Furedi said most adults now think twice before telling off children who were misbehaving, or helping children in distress for fear of the consequences.

In one example, a woman could not kiss her daughter goodbye on a school trip because she had not been vetted. In another, a mother was surprised to be told by another parent that she and her husband were “CRB checked” when their children played together. In a third example, a father was given “filthy looks” by a group of mothers when he took his child swimming on his own in “a scene from a Western when the room goes silent and tumbleweed blows across the foreground”. Prof Furedi details how one woman was made to feel like a “second class mother” because she was barred from a school disco because she did not have a CRB check.

Daily Telegraph

Please, restore sanity; stop trying to run every facet of our lives, it is killing us as a people. A government’s job is to administer the big things for the people - not to run (and ruin) the minuate of our daily life. The fundamental problem is that people in government feel that we the public need treating like kids with guns, that they know best and we can’t be trusted. That’s not a good attitude for a government to have, and the way our government attempts to act upon that thought process is causing fear and mistrust between ordinary people. I want a government that trusts it’s populace and presumes people have good intent. ‘Protection’ mechanisms whereby a substantial section of ordinary people are put under suspicion, in order to stop ‘future crime’, is a bad mechanism on so many levels it’s distressing to actually think about. Blanket methods are incredibly poor uses of resource and largely pointless. Target known offenders and be effective in dealing with them; stop looking for specific new problems because while you’re doing that you are creating powerful non-specific problems.

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