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UK Government to use White Hat hackers to bolster security

On many levels this is a good idea, despite it really being a publicity stunt to make people think things are being addressed. I’m sure the UK systems are going to get torn to shreds while the white-hat people get to work, and it will have an end result of a more robust IT software system. However it doesn’t address the main problem: personal incompetence with physical media. All of the recent major data loss incidents have been a result of some idiot leaving physical media loaded with massive amounts of compromising data sitting around in public locations. None of it has been due to hacking. Meaning white-hat attackers aren’t going to address the main problem the UK has: technology-incompetent and complacent MPs and civil servants. With people of that mentality running the country it’s no wonder we are sleep walking into an Orwellian society.

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