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Waterfall one

an image of Waterfall one

high resolution

Interesting story about the post production on this. The original version was very saturated, and looked lovely. Until I went over to Ben’s and he infomed me the water splashes were filled with intense blots of red and pink. Being red/green colour blind I couldn’t see them even when pointed out, they must have been the perfect shade for my deficiency. It took an 800% magnification before I could spot the glaringly flourescent alien colours. It being so difficault for me to see, I’ve simply treated it differently by leaching out the majority of the pallet - it’s now almost, but not quite, greyscale.


  1. Matt Wilcox posted 1 days, 22hrs, 58mins after the entry and said:

    Interestingly I've found the photo's from the last time I was here. Almost three years ago. Here's the photo of the same stream/river from back in the day:


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