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an image of shrovetide2 the ball is shown to the crowd


  1. Matthew Wilcox posted 2 days, 10hrs, 38mins after the entry and said:

    Yes, that little leather ball filled with cork is what they’re all going to be fighting over. Litterally. We saw people in the scrum upside down, we saw fists flying on ocassion, numerous shoes getting hurled out, and whenever guys left to go to the pub they’d emerge with coats torn up. Anyone can leave or join in at any time, and so the players tend to wander off for beer before returning later in the day. If they can find the scrum. smiley icon: wink

  2. Joey posted 3 days, 13hrs, 26mins after the entry and said:

    At least they use a ball now, they use to use a pig’s bladder when the tradition first began.

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