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Greetings! This week has been semi eventful, starting on Saturday night when, walking to the car from work i got smacked in the face a couple of times! *eek* Random Stoke violence, i never even saw the two guys until after the second fist in my face. Fortunately Mike was there and got himself together to kick some ass while my brain was struggling to realise i’d been hit. After making our way to the nearest pub we discovered i’d got a loose front tooth and my glasses had cut me under my eye. I wasn’t allowed to drive home so Mum and dad picked me up and drove us back. Poor Mike was all adrenalined up! I think he was ready to kill! :lol
Next day saw me not at work, with a ridiculously fat lip sitting in the emergency dentists waiting to see if they were going to put my tooth back in it’s proper place. Sadly not, which means the year of wearing a brace at school is now kinda redundant because my teeth don’t line up anymore! I’m told the nerve in the tooth was likely ripped off, and so it will die, discolouring the tooth. I’ll need it drilling, the nerve removing and a fill up with plastic. On the plus side the guy was too lame to knock me or my tooth out. The photo’s are from today, no fat lip anymore but half a black eye.

Yesterday John (my boss at work) and Mike came to visit, and they gave me a ‘cheer you up’ present: a copy of FHM with calender and Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark! The people at Game rock! They’re far too nice! smiley icon: smile Thank you all! smiley icon: smile smiley icon: smile
We also went to Charley Bassets for a drink, which was cool. John left for home about 10:30 while Mike and myself went to Tesco to get food before wandering off to Hollington Level to chill out to some tricky in the car.

Today i’ve done not an awful lot, i got up waaaay too late. It’s winter and i swear to god i was built to hibernate. I can sleep anytime any place when it’s winter. Having got up late i then realised i’d not got time to eat any breakfast/dinner because i was helping Mike out today by being his ‘client’ in an Aromatherapy practical he had. While it was pretty weird at first, i soon forgot about being down to my boxers in a class full of other people (mostly women) because, well, it’s so damned relaxing. I could get used to that stuff, my back, legs and feet felt sooooo stress free after that. Mike did ‘very well’ even though he apparently forgot to do a couple of the strokes things. Man ’strokes’ sounds dodgy even if it is technically accurate.

I’ve very quickly come to realise that 5000 words in an essay -really are- as much as it sounds. I figured it’d only take a day once i got my research together as it’s mostly just quotations…but no. It’s going to take a fair bit longer than that. smiley icon: sad Also, it’s the 10th already, leaving two weeks to get all my christmas shopping done. This is A Bad Thing. Tomorrow night i’m working, as per usual and so another night of potential shopping is removed. *eek* Anyway, it’s 8:20, and by writing this entry i have managed to skip about 40min of essay writing. I suppose i’d better do another 1000 before i go pick up Chris and head Pub-wards.
*dashes off into Word*

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